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Show versions missing under Big Box


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Hello, i enabled View - Show - Versions (CTRL+R) under Launchbox and i'm able to see Game Title + Versions, but i cannot do the same thing under Big Box

I dug into Big Box options but i cannot see anything that could help me. I've seen the option ON under Game Details, but i don't understand how to display Version in the main scroll list. Thanks

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It seems that is not possible under Big Box and i would need to combine in order to enable this.


Let me clarify, i just need to see the version information after the title. I have a set of unique version of the games (so combine is not the right way to act), but sometimes i see the same name of the games under Big Box.

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My first inclination is to send you down the combine games route for a number of reasons, but the main one would be it's this specific scenario that that system was made for. Once combined, when you are deciding which version you should play in Big Box it would bring up a menu providing you the version text for each game, so you are informed as which one to pick.

To add the version field next to the name in Big Box would probably require a custom theme. You would be coding in the version metadata binding next to the name of the game within whatever view files you are wanting to see it in.

If you are just wanting them to remain unique game entries, you may just want to add this information into the game's title, then you wouldn't have to mess with building your own custom theme.

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I'm using themes, that shows in the details, the version of the games. City Hunter theme is good for this, for example.
I'm not a programmer and i'm a bit noob on coding, but i've been succesfully able to show the version after the title adding "<TextBlock Name="VersionString" Text="{Binding Path=VersionString}" under XAML files.

I think that is a bit tricky, but does the job. I'm trying a lot of themes, when i will decide the definitive one, i will edit it accordingly. 







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