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  1. I take advantage of this thread, since i solved these issues with Naomi, Atomis etc etc using a third partyplugin (mame xml importer beta 0.001) that use the mame.xml data structure when parsing roms name. In this way you have ALL THE TITLES PROPERLY filled and you can easily hide clones if you like. I don't know how it works scraping with Launchbox database, i know that is difficult and i'm not a programmer, but it would be good having the chance to preserve the title name when Launchbox Id is found, generally Launchbox name is "simplified" I would have another question, but maybe
  2. Don't get me wrong.... but i used skraper in order to solve a lot of issues with launchbox scraping and import roms... I used Mame XML importer beta 0.1 (launchbox 3rd party plugin) in order to have arcade roms with the right name.... So ok we shouldn't use "nothing to do with us" utilities , but help us to use Launchbox in the proper way
  3. I think that "copy vatheletep.zip _naomi" should be "copy vathletep.zip _naomi" "copy vtennis2c.zip _naomi" should be "copy vtenis2c.zip _naomi" "copy vstrike3co.zip _naomi2" should be "copy vstrik3co.zip _naomi2"
  4. Hello, i'm trying to import Naomi Games with correct names but with no luck, it seems that almost all the names are not retrieved. A lot of names are the ones relative to roms name, a lot of names are "simplified" but every game has its unique name (rev a, rev d etc etc) If i select to use mame.xml NO NAMES are retrieved. Mame.xml contains all the informations we need for Atomiswave, Naomi etc etc , i don't know why this functionality is not working (as per my experience) Let me know, i read that it's a common issue but i didn't find a working solution. Thanks
  5. It's enough disabling Fullscreen Optimization for Kega Fusion , take a look here in order to understand this feature. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/demystifying-full-screen-optimizations/
  6. Hello, i know that it has been requested a lot of times, but i watched a lot of tutorial and read a lot of forum threads, with no solution. I want to import Atomiswave roms, i have created Sammy Atomiswave platform with "Arcade" as scraping option. 1 - When i import roms i just have Sushi Bar as identified rom using flag to use mame.xml 2 - If i don't flag use mame.xml i can import all the 34 roms inside atomiswave folder, but just a few have all the informations properly updated (The rumble fish , Sega clay challenged, Dolphin Blue ...) 3 - If then i select all 34 games
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