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Please clearly explain how to remove games and platforms without deleting them on device.


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I want to use Launchbox solely for retro gaming including snes, genesis and arcade. However there is an Android platform and I'm unable to remove Android platform from Launchbox. I also can't remove games without deleting them.

I have searched and found a solution but I guess it doesn't apply for Android version because there are no such options on my latest version Launcbox for Android.

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3 hours ago, AutumnSounds said:

Just long-press on the platform banner, then select 'Delete'.
Same with individual games. Long-press to get the menu and then press delete.

I have tried it but it says "it will delete the content and there will be no undoing." Are you sure it won't delete the content itself?

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If you want to remove platforms without deleting them on Android, try this: head to your platform list, tap and hold on Android, and see if a remove or edit option pops up. As for removing games, a quick trick is to go to the game list, long-press the game you want to be gone, and see if a remove option appears. Additionally, I’d like to share that I've recently discovered some real cash app games that aren’t just fun but also let you earn a little extra on the side—double win! They've added a cool twist to my gaming routine, and if you're up for something new, I thought I'd share the joy.

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