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I'm using LB/BB as a personal game database in addition to launcher frontend, as I like it's UI more than other database services. 

One of the things I've done is added "dummy roms" into LB for PS5 games, and for digital games that I own on physical consoles that I prefer to play on that hardware (digital PS3 games).
I can look at all my games in one place, including games I own on physical hardware, and it's nice doing that in LB

With any of LB/BBs current features, is there an easy way that I could select multiple games and "tag" them as for example 'Own Physical', 'Own Digital' , or 'Have Rom' ?

then I could search for those tags to look at what my digital, physical, and rom collections consist of

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The Custom fields approach worked using Filters to quickly view games tagged as physical, digital, rom, etc.  Works great.

But only issue I'm having now is that I'd like my current filter(s) to stay active when selecting a new Platform in my platforms list in the left panel. 

For example, I'm in SNES and I click the filter (funnel looking) button next to search, select Collection > Physical (my custom field/value).  It shows all the games I've added that Custom Field/Value to, which is the desired behavior.
But as soon as I select the another platform NES, N64, etc. , the filters are automatically cleared.  

I want to be able to browse through my collection looking at only the games within a filters conditions, without having to reset it every time I select another platform. I can use Arrange By > Collection in the top menu bar, but then it also shows all the games from that platform that do not meet the filter condition. 


Is there an option to keep filters active when selecting a new platform?

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Not currently no since those filters are rebuilt so that only options that are available in that selection are possible. You could potentially use an "All Games" side bar selection and just use the filters to drill into the platform you want to look at though.

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