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Games launch behind big box


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i have a weird issue.  i made a copy of my current setup by simply copying everything on my pc hard drive (launcbbox, roms and emulator folders) to another usb drive.  i have done this a million times and i never had this issue. but for some reason now, on the backup drive, when i launch a game in big box it launches behind big box.  I have to alt tab over to that windows to see it and close it.

any ideas how i can fix this?

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Try this, goto "tools" in upper right corner of Launchbox, click "manage", click emulators and whichever emulator is giving you issues. From there locate "start up screen options", should be inside of one of the menu settings on left hand toolbar side.  Once found you will see a few boxes, checkmark the one that says "Hide all Windows not in exclusive Full Screen Mode".  good luck! 

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On 2/1/2023 at 6:16 PM, tallpr24 said:

so doing that did not work, but then i went back and un checked it and now is working as it should. i guess i ran into some kind of glitch??

In playing around with the Retroarch MAME core I was having focus issues but completely differently. In testing I found that other cores had the issue as well but I never noticed it. It was clearly related to Startup screens and clicking the mouse when in game would switch to the startup screen. Sometimes if would time out and return to the game, other times I had to force it. It had nothing to do with Retroarch's focus controls either.

I noticed the issues was on cores were I had the aggressive window hiding turned on. If you have that on maybe try turning it off. Most times this isn't needed.

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