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Videos not playing in LB?


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I have purchased and registered LB/BB.  I'm configuring LB, and I'm confused about why no videos autoplay.

I have sets of mp4's in the associated platform's /Video folder. 
The ROMs are correctly configured to play (FWIW, they are Pinball FX3 .pxp); everything launches correctly and works correctly. 
The "View" has autoplay videos turned on. 
I'm using the default theme. 
In the ROM's Ctrl-E setup screen, it correctly points to the video (somehow Jason coded it to autopoint to the correct mp4; very nice!). 
The mp4's play fine when run directly on VLC and WMP.  

Yet, whether I have the system set to use VLC or WMP, I get nothin'.  I expect to see a video autoplay on the right "details" screen (which is open, and where the still images associated with the ROM are all visible).

What could I be missing?  It's a problem with all of the mp4's for all the ROMs not playing. They don't even showing up in the details pane as choices.  It's on the stable 13.1, and even when I updated to the latest nightly build.

If I try to fix it by reinstalling LB, do I need to first backup all my xml's and .ini's (and maybe other configuration files?)  I spent a lot of time setting things up; I don't want to lose it all.

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Do you have videos enabled via options? Go to Tools > Options then there is a page called "Game Details" (or something similar, I don't have it open) and in there a ton of checkboxes to turn off/on different data points in that details view. There is a checkbox called "Videos" you want to make sure is checked.

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