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Various questions regarding collections


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I'm sure some or all of these have been asked.  I've looked through and not really found what works with me so hopefully some kind people can excuse me for being clueless..  I'll try and make my questions brief so they're easy to understand and not rambly..


1) When scanning archives of games, will Launchbox understand if there are folders inside the main folder, like A -B _c etc, or do I need them all in one folder. 

2) Do the games have to be individually zipped or unzipped, and are both forms ok in the same folder to be picked up on.  Same goes for alternate file systems, like C64 tape or disk or cartridge file extensions.

3) Can I be an idiot and put every single rom into one folder, and Launchbox understands whats what to separate everything?


I have some other questions but they're mostly to do with the program not launching certain games that work in a separate emulator and vice versa, but I'll hold off on those once I get my whole collection sorted and scanned in.  Same goes for joypad control issues.  Thanks in advance for any help.  I really appreciate it.

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Thanks for the replies.   Is there any situation where a rom file is better to be not zipped so its recognized?   And just so I understand, I have to choose the system first and then tell it where the roms are, not select a rom folder and launchbox says oh wait these are snes games I will now make this an snes archive.

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