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GPU for emulation?


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Hi, i am a fairly new member to the forum/Launchbox and i have been lurking on here since i joined (searching for tips and tricks to setup my system).

I have been an avid gamer over the last 35 years and i still enjoy playing games on the consoles i have purchased throughout that time.

I still have my consoles setup (PS2 - PS3 - PS4 Pro - XBOX 1X - XBOX 360 - WII U - Dreamcast) but as they take up a fair bit of room i decided at the start of the year to upgrade my Media PC that i used for Movies and TV Shows that i have backed up from original DVD's over the years so i can play most of my consoles in one package through Launchbox/Bigbox through the Kodi frontend. .

I opted for a Gigabyte 550M motherboard, 16gb ram (3200mhz) and a Ryzen 5600G CPU and so far it has been able to handle the majority of my platforms but as i am now looking get setup my PS3 - WII U games and be able to play them to a decent standard (1080p-2160p)  i am looking at buying a dedicated GPU.

I am not that clued up on GPU's to be honest. There are far too many makes and model numbers which has me a little confused as to what is the best bang for buck GPU that will suit my needs. 

As i have a budget of around £100-£120, is there any suitable GPU's that will enable me to play my games up to the PS3 - WII U?. 

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Hi, nice to welcome another old school gamer here. In my opinion it is extremely difficult to purchase a graphics card for your budget at this point in time.

PS3 Emulation Recommended Requirements

AMD - Vulkan compatible with active driver support

AMD Polaris architecture, RX 400 series or newer

NVIDIA - Vulkan compatible with active driver support

NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, GTX 900 series or newer

For Cemu emulation (WiiU Emulation), the single core performance of your CPU (and by extension RAM speed) is the most important factor for fullspeed emulation.

Since I also play PC games with my setup, I played it safe and installed a 3070ti, but this is already too much for emulation as far as the standard platforms are concerned. The PS3 emualtion is also still in development, so from my point of view it's worth waiting, there's more to try out. I myself have only tested 3-4 games, more than a technical test.

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If you are just looking for emulation, anything remotely new should be fine. Depending on what features you want to enable, like high end shaders, major upscaling, etc, than more GPU power matters.

For reference, I ran WiiU and PS2 emulators with an i3-7100 and a Nvidia 970 GTX just fine even with some upscaling. Can't speak for PS3 emulation, but I have since upgraded both CPU  to and AMD 5600G and GPU to a NVidia 1660 and it handles it just fine.

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