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Platform Specific Video Themes Stopped Working


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Long time lurker, first time poster so I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section but I am definitely new to all of this. My goal is to use specific videos for the platform themes when you are scrolling through the various systems when BigBox first launches. At one point the videos I had were working and then I did something which removed and replaced them. I have tried finding this topic or videos to help but must be doing something or searching for my problem incorrectly. I took a screenshot of where I have the video saved as well as the parth in LB as you can see below (again at one point this was working)




Here is another screenshot of what it should look like when I scroll over my Sega AM2 platform in BigBox



However when I launch BigBox and scroll to Sega AM2 I get/see this



I dont know what setting I changed (though I was messing around with themes and most likely did something there) or how I can force BigBox to use the specific platform theme I want vs one of the themes which comes with BigBox. I even tried going into Launchbox, then tools, the download media and manage platforms to try to force it to the video but none of that worked.

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