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Sinden Lightgun Issues in MAME


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Im having some serious issues with the Sinden Light Gun in Mame. Ive read the wiki help and used that to set it all up. The issue I am having is my cross hair appears to be bouncing between from where I am pointing at the screen to the top left border. This rapid bouncing has to be continually happening in milliseconds because it appears as both crosshairs are on the screen at the same time yet I was unable to get a picture of both of them at the same time. I know its not player 2 as both crosshairs are blue





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Assuming you're using the Sinden bezel pack: In Mame, go to Video Options, and select a version of the bezel that either has a wider border, or a dimmer brightness level, or both. Step down until you find the right combination to suit your play space. You're having that problem because the gun is having trouble distinguishing the edges of the game's screen (the white border). This is usually because the bezel is too bright or the border is too thin. Super easy and fast to fix using the Sinden bezel pack, once you understand how. 

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Some things to try.

Try a different rom, I always recommend Alien 3 the Gun since it's easiest to run and see if you have same problem there. If you do, try using a different border for T2.  The Artwork could be too bright for the game to know art from the actual white border.

Check your light around and behind the arcade. Do you have a lamp or a strip of LED running by or behind the arcade cab?  that will affect and cause your mouse jumping around.  Good way to double check that is go into your Sinden program look at your raw and process screen, if it's not fully blue that could be the cause.

Your monitor is the refresh 60hz, a higher refresh rate, especially concerning Mame could be a factor. 

For some game (T2 is one of them) in-game calibration is needed.  f2 or f4 into the games test menu and calibrate there.  Also, it looks like that border cuts off part of your trigger so you may not have been able to accurately calibrate your gun.  Solution, use the regular Sinden border and turn off the artwork border.  after you calibrate it and are satisfied then you can use your artwork border again after that.  



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