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Sorting images added to a game entry


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With the recent features touching game boxes and images I figured I'd bump an old pet peeve of mine, which is I'd love the ability to change the sorting order images are served in when browsing a game entry. Right now they seem to be loaded pretty much at random, no matter which order you added them in first. This makes it pretty much impossible to, for example, use the "Screenshots - Gameplay" tag to show a chronological order timeline of a game's levels or story bits, or to create any sort of situation where the order of images makes sense, such as showing images pertaining to different games in a series that share the same entry (think Mass Effect Legendary Edition or the Crash Nsane Trilogy) in the correct order when browsing them later. Ideally this would include a sorting menu where you can manually sort the images through the UI itself, but even just a dropdown "Sort by" in the media section would suffice, and a user would just need to make sure to name the files correctly (1, 2, 3 etc) or use the file's EXIF to determine its position in the list.


I know this isn't a very requested improvement but I think a lot of people would actually welcome it despite not having bothered to ask!

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