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Colorful Flex

Colorful Flex is based on viking's Colorful v3 concepts. It is a light version of what will eventually become the next version of the Colorful Big Box theme. It is heavily based on his platform hardware image set.

This theme is best downloaded within LaunchBox for Android, through the Manage Themes section of the app. This post is mainly for support purposes only.



Available Views:

  • 1 Filters view is available
  • 2 Game views are available, 1 supports videos while the other does not



  • It requires Android 1.10 or above due to its reliance on the Animation engine and custom image control included with this version.
  • While touch screen controls do work, it is highly recommended to only use this theme with a controller
  • This theme will adjust to different aspect ratios and orientations, but was mainly developed using a landscape widescreen device



  • Thanks viking for his concept images



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On 3/17/2024 at 3:54 AM, Kefka2b said:

Hi you should take a look at the es de colorful theme it works great there. It would look better with a wheel and the clear logos instead of that huge brand name in the back for platform view.

Thanks, although the new platform view was actually conceptualized by the original creator of Colorful as a sort of Colorful 2.0, so the view you see was not meant to be a port of his original Colorful Big Box theme.

However, with the way Android themes work, you can create an unlimited number of different platform views within a theme, so it's always possible I create more variations based on his other concepts in the future.

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