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Trouble with background music when generating child playlists


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I I might have a bit of a niche "issue", but the problem I have is that everything is kind of working as intended.

For my Bigbox setup, I use the ".\music\background\platforms\(platform)" directories to have console specific music for all of my platforms. I do the same for some of the playlists I have made as well. I prefer this setup as I don't download soundtracks per game. It also helps me save on space since my setup is only 1TB, and makes up for the lack of gameplay videos.

However, I've been wanting to implement genre browsing on my setup. I figured the best way to do this would be to use the "auto generate child playlists" feature. It works great, and is a good way to get playlists made for every console.

The problem I have with this is that it creates a playlist for every genre including "All Games". Since it does that, and using the Nintendo Entertainment System as an example, Bigbox stops looking in the  ".\music\background\platforms\Nintendo Entertainment System" directory and starts looking in  ".\music\background\playlists\Nintendo Entertainment System all games". I was wondering if there was a way to change where the music is read from, so I can configure the playlists to read from the original background directory. A solution would be to just copy and paste all my tracks into the new appropriate playlist folders, but given the fact I have a 50+ platform setup, and multiply that by all of the genres, play modes, and regions, it would end up quite bulky.

I tried looking in the playlists' xml files to see if there was a file path I could potentially change there, but I couldn't find anything like that in any of the .xmls I checked. I also tried configuring the playlists within Launchbox, but the only directory it seems you can change is the video directory, and not for background music.

I'm not too worried if this isn't an issue that can be fixed because I kind of recognize it might be an odd once since, technically, there isn't an issue. I was just curious if this was something that I could do since I couldn't find any information on how to do something like this, if it were even possible. I've also included a small video demo in case there's any confusion as to what I'm trying to accomplish.


Thank you very much!


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