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LaunchBox 13.15 Released!

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Version 13.15 - Released July 2, 2024


Full Changelog: https://www.launchbox-app.com/about/changelog

  • New Feature: This update introduces a new Plugin Manager, allowing for easier management and discovery of plugins for LaunchBox
  • New Feature: LaunchBox is no longer bundled with ScummVM directly. Instead, it can be downloaded via the ROM Import Wizard or the Add Emulator Window, as well as updated/repaired via the Edit Emulator Window. This simplifies the installation process and ensures you have the latest version available
  • New Feature: The process for importing your ScummVM titles has been streamlined through the ROM Import Wizard, allowing for bulk importing of ScummVM games
  • New Feature: Added support for automatic import of Vita3k games that have been added into its virtual hard drive, when the Vita3k emulator is added into LaunchBox and the Automatic Import of ROMs is enabled
  • New Feature: Added support for automatic import of RPCS3 games that have been added into its virtual hard drive, when the RPCS3 emulator is added into LaunchBox and the Automatic Import of ROMs is enabled
  • Improvement: RAHasher has been updated to the latest version, which improves the hashing of PSP games that are in CHD format
  • Improvement: Several new command-line variables have been added for increased control over your emulators
  • Improvement: Steam searching has been improved to fall back to a title search if the game ID isn't found in the LaunchBox database. This ensures a wider range of Steam games can be accurately identified
  • Improvement: Steam scraping has been improved to better align certain values with corresponding LaunchBox fields. This provides a more consistent user experience when importing Steam games
  • Improvement: Inactive database IDs associated with games will now be automatically cleared or replaced by the Download Metadata and Media wizard. This keeps your LaunchBox data up-to-date and avoids potential errors
  • Improvement: The database search now utilizes information within parentheses when matching games. This leads to more accurate identification of titles with similar names
  • Improvement: The image search fallback logic has been adjusted to remove double spaces when searching for images. This ensures a smoother image acquisition process
  • Improvement: Optimized emulator file extension priorities to help with MSU systems
  • Improvement: Our Dependency Files feature will now automatically detect your system directory by reading your RetroArch configuration file
  • Fixed: A crash related to the "Emulator Not Configured" popup has been resolved
  • Fixed: The ROM import wizard once again prompts users to confirm whether they want to move or copy the ROMs to their designated game folder
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented the scan for achievements from correctly capturing all achievement progress has been resolved
  • Fixed: 3D box models now properly respect the depth override setting when using a spine image
  • Fixed: A rare error that could crash LaunchBox while checking emulator dependencies has been fixed
  • Fixed: The sample command line box in the Edit Emulator window has been fixed to properly function with all available command-line variables
  • Fixed: We will now globally enable overlays within your RetroArch configuration file when you choose to download bezels through LaunchBox
  • Fixed: An issue where the set media limit wasn't enforced during imports or metadata and media downloads
  • Fixed: The version badge now displays correctly when combining two GOG games
  • Fixed: A bug where images could incorrectly be linked to more than one game with similar names
  • Fixed: The Amazon Games install flag now sets correctly on startup
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