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DroidTalk:- Launchbox mentioned Android!!!!!!




Well I was watching the latest news and android got a mention which peaked my interest.

As a Nvidia Shield TV user it would be amazing see an Android power of LaunchBox.

Maybe one day ?

I setup GameCube recently and I have tested some games with great results it's impressive what the Shield TV combined with Dolphin can get you. 

I also updated my Shield firmware last night and it's brought some great additions that hampered the emulation user experience BUT I have not tested all my emulators yet to see what problems it's caused. We all know updates cause problems!!

Other than that I have started and not finished so many projects since last here SO MANY. I will get something done one day.

blogs are strange, it's like talking to yourself idk if what I have to say is worth your time but thank you for reading it all.

Good day to you (go play some games)



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Meanwhile I can barely get n64 to run on my shield tablet. It works but the framerate/audio is bad. Same with DS. I sort of gave up. Are the specs different on the shield TV, or am I doing something wrong? 

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Same fromlostdays of HS?


I'm not sure on specs so wouldn't like to comment. N64 is inherently bad and to be fair I have not played much but I believe the best emulators out there are the FZ port of Mupen64 and Glupen core in RA.

DS I'm missing about 300roms right now for a decent set so am waiting until I'm complete before even trying. I have plenty to playb as it is.

droid is never gonna be as great but I like the package more than a PC

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Yep, the very same one. B| Also the same one from Rocketlauncher, steam, xbox live and psn. :P

I didn't even consider trying dolphin on it, but you've inspired me. 

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You get about abit like us all!

Shout if you need help prolly best at HS or @me if your on discord. I have not played with the settings much. Just leaving things stick until I hit problems.

sound is not great in many games afaik but I don't have a PC setup to compare.

i got stuck into Carmen San Diego and some of Agressive Inline and frames were good.

I moved on to NeoGeo now though lol

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