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  1. MUGEN/OpenBOR Box Art Templates

    I noticed that with homebrew games created from MUGEN and OpenBOR there are not a whole lot of Box art. I thought maybe creating a couple of templates this may help with that. Maybe this can help with the two sections and make it look a little more official.


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  2. MUGEN Ultimate Game Media Pack + Custom Bonus Content!

    Wow! I can't believe I decided to make my own game media content for several of my favorite Mugen games not yet in LaunchBox database!
    When I say custom, I mean custom because I had to create alot of the media in this amazing pack for you all and myself! Icluded in this
    ginormous game media pack  are the following MUGEN games:

    Also the reason why this package is so awesome is you will find original content along with multiple folders of different versions so
    you can custimize your media any way you feel like and constantly change it up! I hope you guys enjoy the packages as much as I did creating them.
    MUGEN SOULS Has the most done to it because it is the only one that comes with custom video theme for the game yay! I will ne starting
    my web series on my gamikng channel later this week so stay tuned!


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