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Sega Mega CD Japan 3D Box Pack (120) 1.2

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About This File

This is a complete collection of Sega Mega CD 3D Boxes for the Japan Region.

The naming convention is ReDump

If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone





After Armageddon Gaiden - Majuu Toushouden Eclipse (Japan).png
After Burner III (Japan).png
Aisle Lord (Japan).png
Alshark (Japan).png
Annett Futatabi (Japan).png
Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi (Japan).png
A-Rank Thunder - Tanjou-hen (Japan).png
Arcus I, II, III (Japan).png
Arslan Senki (Japan).png
AX-101 (Japan).png
Bakuden - The Unbalanced Zone (Japan).png
Bari-Arm (Japan).png
Battle Fantasy (Japan).png
Battlecorps (Japan).png
Black Hole Assault (Japan).png
Burai - Yatsudama no Yuushi Densetsu (Japan).png
Captain Tsubasa (Japan).png
Cosmic Fantasy Stories (Japan).png
Cyborg 009 (Japan).png
Daihoushinden (Japan).png
Dark Wizard - Yomigaeri Shiyami no Madoushi (Japan).png
Death Bringer (Japan).png
Dennin Aleste - Nobunaga and His Ninja Force (Japan).png
Detonator Orgun (Japan).png
Devastator (Japan).png
Double Switch (Japan).png
Dragon's Lair (Japan) (En,Ja,Fr,De,It).png
Dungeon Master II - Skullkeep (Japan).png
Dynamic Country Club (Japan).png
Earnest Evans (Japan).png
Ecco the Dolphin CD (Japan) (Disc 1) (Ecco the Dolphin).png
Ecco the Dolphin CD (Japan) (Disc 2) (Ecco the Dolphin II).png
Egawa Suguru no Super League CD (Japan).png
Eye Of The Beholder (Japan).png
F1 Circus CD (Japan).png
Fahrenheit (Japan).png
Final Fight CD (Japan).png
Fresh Cleaner (Japan).jpg
Game no Kandume Vol. 1 (Japan).png
Game no Kandume Vol. 2 (Japan).png
Garou Densetsu Special (Japan).png
Genei Toshi - Illusion City (Japan).png
Gyuwambler Jiko Chuushinha 2 - Gekitou! Tokyo Mahjongland Hen (Japan).png
Heavenly Symphony - Formula One World Championship 1993 (Japan).png
Heavy Nova (Japan).png
Heimdall (Japan).png
IIIrd World War, The (Japan).png
Ishii Hisaichi no Daiseikai (Japan).png
Jaguar XJ220 (Japan).png
Jangou World Cup (Japan).png
Jurassic Park (Japan).png
Kamen Rider ZO (Japan).png
Keiou Yuugekitai (Japan).png
Lethal Enforcers (Japan).png
Lethal Enforcers II - The Western (Japan).png
Lunar - Eternal Blue (Japan).png
Lunar - The Silver Star (Japan).png
Mahou no Shoujo - Silky Lip (Japan).png
Mega Schwarzschild (Japan).png
Microcosm (Japan).png
Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra (Japan).png
Mortal Kombat Kanzenban (Japan).png
NBA Jam (Japan).png
Night Striker (Japan, Korea).png
Night Trap (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Night Trap (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Ninja Warriors, The (Japan).png
Nobunaga no Yabou - Haouden (Japan).png
Nostalgia 1907 (Japan).png
Popful Mail (Japan).png
Prince of Persia (Japan).png
Prize Fighter (Japan) (Disc 1).png
Prize Fighter (Japan) (Disc 2).png
Pro Yakyuu Super League CD (Japan).png
Psychic Detective Series Vol. 3 - Aya (Japan).png
Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4 - Orgel (Japan).png
Quiz Scramble Special (Japan).png
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou (Japan).png
Ranma 1-2 - Byakuranaika (Japan).png
Record of Lodoss War (Japan).png
Rise of the Dragon - A Blade Hunter Mystery (Japan).png
Road Blaster FX (Japan).png
Sangokushi III (Japan).png
Secret of Monkey Island, The (Japan).png
Sega Classic Arcade Collection - Limited Edition (Japan).png
Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes (Japan).png
Seirei Shinseiki - Fhey Area (Japan).png
Sengoku Denshou (Japan).png
Shadow of the Beast II - Juushin no Jubaku (Japan).png
Shadowrun (Japan).png
Shin Megami Tensei (Japan).png
Shining Force CD (Japan).png
Silpheed (Japan).png
SimEarth (Japan).png
Sing!! Sega Game Music Presented by B. B. Queens (Japan).png
Sol-Feace (Japan).png
Sonic The Hedgehog CD (Japan).png
SoulStar (Japan).png
Star Wars - Rebel Assault (Japan).png
Starblade (Japan).png
Surgical Strike (Japan).png
Switch (Japan).png
Tenbu Mega CD Special (Japan).png
Tenkafubu - Eiyuutachi no Houkou (Japan).png
Thunder Storm FX (Japan).png
Thunderhawk (Japan).png
Time Gal (Japan).png
Tomcat Alley (Japan).png
Urusei Yatsura - Dear My Friends (Japan).png
Vay - Ryuusei no Yoroi (Japan).png
Wakusei Woodstock - Funky Horror Band (Japan).png
Warau Salesman (Japan).png
Wing Commander (Japan).png
Winning Post (Japan).png
Wolfchild (Japan).png
Wonder Dog (Japan).png
WonderMega Collection (Japan).png
WWF Mania Tour - WWF - Rage in the Cage (Japan).png
Yumemi Yakata no Monogatari (Japan).png
Yumimi Mix (Japan).png



A 3D Box pack for the European region can be downloaded here:

3D Boxes for the Sega CD USA region can be downloaded here:



What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


Version 1.2

  • Better Template for Double Boxes Added.
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Mr. RetroLust

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Thanks for this wonderful work bro (finally adding this system to my collection so my reaction is a bit late lol)

Response from the author:

Thanks for all the Reviews @Mr. RetroLust. Much appreciated.

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