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Hacks & Fan-Made Box-Art and Clear Logos 1.2

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Attached are some box art and clear logos that I use for my own personal collection. Some of these I mocked up myself since a lot of them just don't exist really anywhere and some were just edited/modified and others are just ones that I downloaded (Super Metroid Eris being one of those). In any case I don't take any credit for any of them since none are 100% original work by me. I am by no means a professional and I wish I could re-draw the logos that aren't high res, but I don't have those kinds of skills. I am also being very careful not to step on the toes of people that have already submitted artwork here, so if you are looking for box-art/logos for:


Super Mario Omega

Super Mario Land 3

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Revamped

Zelda: The Legend of Link

Hyper Metroid

The Legend of Zelda DX

None of these are included (unless I make my own variants on them) and can be downloaded from the site, if you need those (it's what I am using for those games).


What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


I cleaned up the logo for Super Metroid Redesign and the box for Black Mesa a little more. I also made logos for Mario Adventure and Mario Kart R and box art for Mario Kart R (included the box art I found for Mario Adventure). Everything else from before is still included, so I removed the previous upload.


version 1.0.2:

Just added some box/clear logo art for Metroid: Rogue Dawn and alternative version of MK: Outworld Assassin's box and better looking clear logo for it. Also added a clear logo that matches the available box art for Metroid Super Zero Mission instead of the title screen logo included in 1.0.1.

version 1.0.3:

Put everything back into a single archive. Includes everything from previous version; added Ghosts'N Demons in this version.

version 1.0.4:

Added box front, back and clear logo for Super Metroid: Eris

version 1.0.5:

Decided to take a stab at making something from scratch: Box art and clear logo for Super Metroid: Phazon. I based the design off of the art that already exists for the game, but I've never been fond of any of it. I hope you all like it.

version 1.0.6:

Because I was inspired by @BlueArrowUK, I made some 2D variants of a few of the 3D boxes that were done by @Riffman81 (taking inspiration from what he did). The titles are:

- Super Mario Omega

- Zelda: The Legend of Link

- Super Metroid: Redesign

- Nightmare Busters

Super Metroid: Redesign is done in the same vein as what you can find doing a Google search; just made a higher resolution version of it.

If you need clear logos for the games above, @Riffman81 has you covered if you download his art for these games from the site.

I plan to revisit some of the boxes that I'm not too fond of still and make my own variations on them (Zelda Outlands being one of them... I like it, but it's a photograph of the box... so I'm going to try to re-create it).

version 1.0.7:

Made new versions of the box-art/clear logos for Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Redaction. Made a 2D version of the box-art for Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return. Made box-art/clear logo for Super Metroid: Hydellius and did a remake for Kaizo Mario Bros. 3. Added box-art/logo for a re-done Dr. Mario World: House Calls (separate archives; will bundle into main with next upload).

version 1.0.8:

Made the logo on the Super Metroid: Phazon box larger

version 1.0.9:

Made alternate box-art/logos for Super Metroid: Redesign and Super Metroid: Project Base (this one I'm not sure I like, but it's here). The originals are still included. Also made super simple box and logo for Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom Restored

version 1.1:

Didn't really like v2 of the Super Metroid; Project Base cover that I did, so I made a third version (all previous versions are still included). Also made a v2 of the Mario Adventure box art and a replacement clear logo for it (the original was pretty terrible, so it's no longer included in these packs).

version 1.1.1:

Added box and logo for Mega Man Z and 2D box and logo for Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

version 1.1.2:

Edited The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets for the Satellaview to have the BS-X/St. Giga logo on the box and made box-art/logo for BS The Legend Zelda remake that was also released for the Satellaview. Added box front/back and logo art for the NES Final Fantasy VII de-make.

version 1.1.3:

Made logo and box art for Metroid (AKA: Retroid) for Super NES. This is a remake of the original Metroid (AKA: NEStroid) in the Super Metroid engine, so the box art is themed around the original silver box Metroid for NES.

version 1.1.4:

Made logo and box art for Super Metroid Redesign: Axeil Edition

version 1.1.5:

Edited a new version of Metroid Super Zero Mission since the image that was used is the same art as the Metroid Zero Mission for GBA (ver. 1 is still included, if you prefer). Made the text for Redesign: Axeil Edition a little larger for the logo.

version 1.1.6:

Made box/clear logo for Metroid [mOTHER] and included box/clear logo for Mega Man 2.5D

version 1.1.7:

Added boxart/logo for Metroid: Confrontation and alternate boxart and higher res logo for Metroid: Rogue Dawn

version 1.1.8:

Added boxart/logo for Super Metroid: Z-Factor

version 1.1.9:

Added boxart/logo for Super Metroid: Ancient Chozo

version 1.2:

Mocked up boxart for The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds Remodel and did a color edit to the existing clear logo to better match the box.

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