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Tycho's Arcade Startup (Version B) 1.0.0

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About This File

Yeah, I'm addicted to making these startup videos. This one's got a focus on arcade games and an 80s style logo stinger (version B).

Update: An alternate version of this intro, with the MAME logo subsituted for the BigBox logo, is located here.

Runtime: 30 seconds
Resolution: 1920x1080
Filesize: 20Mb
Music: Dance with the Dead - "Screams & Whispers"

I hope you like it! And if you feel the inclination, let me know if you prefer version A or B (the only difference is the logo stinger at the end).

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hey man. really good video. I hope its ok but i switched the music with a synthwave track that i made. not a huge fan of the 80s guitar type music. Idk if youd want to put it up as another option but i figured id upload it here just in case... lemme know if youd rather me take it down.


If anyone wants this let me know and ill upload it

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Awesome, I love it! Obviously, I use a specific music track that I feel fits with the vibe and flow of each video, but I fully encourage everyone to substitute their own preferred music for their own purposes.

I don't mind at all putting it here - I can't upload your version of the video without it becoming the "primary" version, so it's as good a solution as any.

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20 hours ago, PlagueDox said:

ill edit the comment, if someone else wants it ill upload it and just put you as the main author. same with the other one

Please do!

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5 hours ago, Kondorito said:

Please do!

hey actually i just realized that if you right click the video player, you can save the video. just name it startup and it should be good to go. I am going to attempt to make some of my own videos with my own music in it. when i do that ill post them on the main upload area

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I absolutely love this! I replaced the song with the beginning of Home by Arcade High and it's definitely what I'm using now. Leaving it here in case anyone would like to use it  :)

Edit: Not sure if it's showing as a music track because it's still processing? I'm new to the site/launch box. It's still the proper video when downloaded though!

Edited by Dunago
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