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    I've been using this for years. Probably since the first build. It's such a great 80s look and vibe, and the author keeps everything up to date with Launchbox's newer features. DEFINITELY USE THIS ONE if you are bored with the original theme!!
  1. RIGHT? It would be so convenient. Especially for the most obscure games that don't scrape. Or indie games that aren't even on steam or another launcher. If we could see that its missing media, hit a button, then we can see everything we need for it right there. Or if we're just trying to find something out about the game, that's why I loved wiki peek when it worked (I even asked that dude to make this, and he hasn't answered me in a year.) It didn't work for everything though. I think with a search engine we will probably get access to every game and its info. Maybe Jason Carr can put up a plugin bounty on the forums?!! just an idea
  2. i really wish someone would make a new working plugin like wikipeek. Something that just searches the internet for the game rather than wikipedia. Something like that could be so helpful in the pause menu.
  3. I'd be willing to pay for a plugin that allows a default browser with default search on any game from Launchbox or Bigbox... something like wikipeek (which doesn't work anymore) that just searches the internet for whatever game you select. Or maybe this could be a cool pause menu feature.
  4. Any shot at updating this? Maybe to a direct duck-duck-go search rather than Wikipedia? Or maybe just a plugin that identifies the default browser and default search engine and then run a search for whichever game is selected. This would be great. I have a lot of really obscure games that don't have too much information or manuals. A tool like this would be great for learning about some obscure games.
  5. Hey quick addition to this, if you already have hotkeys set up in Retroarch (I have my hotkey button as "select", then a number of commands for opening the menu, resetting the game, all kinds of things), So my save-state button in the pause menu wasn't working because I needed it to hit Control+F2 to save and Control+F4 to load state. First, I was just holding control while pressing save, but then I found this thread.... So what I did was go into manage emulators, chose Retroarch, chose pause screen, then chose "Save States" and changed it to this: ; Retroarch saves state with F2 key by default Send {Control down} Send {F2 down} Sleep 50 Send {F2 up} Send {Control up} and then I chose "Load State" and changed it to this: ; Retroarch saves state with F2 key by default Send {Control down} Send {F2 down} Sleep 50 Send {F2 up} Send {Control up} Then I hit OK and everything seems to be working from the pause screen now. Hope that helps if anyone else is running into this problem.
  6. Sorry for bringing this up again over a year later but, is there any way of fixing the "arrange by" playtime issue in base launchbox5? First it puts none, then it doesn't put the highest first, its using numerical values but not determining whether its hours minutes or seconds. It would be cool if we put arrange by playtime and had the highest first and going down in order, maybe without the separations for each individual game… just an idea. If that is even possible.
  7. hey has anyone gotten any false positives for avira virus... for some reason both the big box and the launchbox updaters came up as trojans. Dropper.gen i think
  8. this would be great if there was some way to download trailers to your system so they open as the default video. rather than navigating through the menu. just an idea.
    awesome.. goes well with the neon deluxe arcade theme too.
  9. yeah it doesnt look like it works anymore :( it was a good one
  10. is there any way to position the badges on the bottom row? where the title of the game is? its very awkward having them positioned on the right side of the games.
  11. totally understandable. at the end of the day i dont use android devices THAT much for gaming. and when i do there are already a few others that do the job. I actually find myself using Parsec to just stream big box from the PC. (which works perfectly for me) I definitely would rather 100% of attention going to the desktop version.
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