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  1. Off topic but somewhat related. Does anyone have a working portable version of FS-UAE? I see that it can use relative paths and I have the portable.ini file set in my root directory, but for the life of me, I can't break out of absolute paths. There seems to be a little documentation on it but its not clear to me. If anyone has working relative paths, I would love to see some examples.
  2. Ok I really appreciate your quick responses. I think I'm getting it now. My naming conventions are fine as I renamed all my game roms directly - it's a fairly small set. That's why I'm not having any issues with the scraper in LB. I'm using FS-UAE version 3.0.5 which I believe is the latest. That may explain why I'm not having to use the UUIDs but I do see exactly why they are needed now, especially when scanning a very large set of roms such as TOSEC or the like, with naming conventions such as what you mentioned. Is there anyway to confirm that FS-UAE is using the correct config
  3. My mistake, I reversed the two, your explanation is spot on and very helpful. So I initially scanned my game folder into the FS-UAE database. Out of almost 300 games, 10 or so required custom configs. I configured them and they launch fine using LB after importing the custom config directly into it as the video instructed. The other 290 or so games I just imported straight into LB, not using UUIDs so does that mean they are not using the custom FS-UAE config from the database? They all seem to work fine.
  4. I went back and reviewed the video again. At the 41:32 mark is where I guess I got confused. It says games with the default config must be used with the FS-UAE emulator and games with the custom config must be used with the FS-UAE UUID emulator. This threw me off as I wanted to tie the exporter to custom config games for some reason. So just to clarify for me, the UUID is specifically used where you have multiple versions of the same game name and you want to launch a specific version, is that correct? For my purpose, I don't have any game version duplicates, and I am not using FS-U
  5. I've been playing with the exporter and I have run into some issues. I notice that not all of my games that have custom configs are exported and I am unable to determine why. I also have been unable to get the games once imported into Launchbox, to run with FS-UAE UUID emulator that I created based on the video. So with no luck on these options, I tested a couple of things after reading through the forum here and I wanted some opinions on it. Basically I deleted the FS-UAE UUID emulator so I am only using FS-UAE. I directly copied a config file into the Launchbox window and imported it a
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