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  1. Know I am a couple years late to this but anyone trying to add these to Launchbox, I can confirm scrapping as Super Nintendo works perfectly. Got metadata for all the games.
  2. Awesome, this thread is still helping people over a year later!
  3. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread, super helpful and much appreciated. Special thanks to Darkshade, for timesavers!
  4. Awesome, thank you for the tip! got that cleaned up. Glad that was the right way, this took me a couple days to fully figure it all out. Happy to play me some awful Zelda games lol.
  5. Well it seems I have resolved my own issue. With a little digging here and experimentation. My CDI roms are from a software list the files with the CHDS in them were not zipped. I zipped all the chd folders and imported them into LB. Then renamed them in Lunchbox so they would get the Metadata My chdmono1 I have located in both my cdi games folder and in my systems folder in MAME. Not sure which one it is using. All I needed to do was use the command line "cdimono1 -cdrm" specific for CDI under MAMEs associated platform. There may be another way to get this up and running but every game I have tested so far has had no issues. Including Zelda which I have seen some other people struggle get running using just the chd.
  6. Hello I did see a pretty good guide here getting CD-i launching using the retroarch core. However I already have CD-I setup and functional in my main MAME install and would love to launch the games directly from launchbox. I have tried to zip my games folder with all the cdhs into one file, load that to launchbox launch from the zip. MAME launches but I just get a black screen. When I try to add just the CHD MAME doesn't even open. I am guessing I need some kind of command line parameters to get MAME to open the cdimono1 before loading the CHD. I am a noob with the command lines and was having trouble finding my answer searching the forms. If anyone could link me to another thread that may be of assistance or have an answer I sure would appreciate the help.
  7. I am Mostly just trying to see what options I have, for my collection overall. All my MAME stuff is already compressed into ZIPS. I think I'm going to convert as many games as possible into CHD. Then use the NTFS compression on my ROMs folder. I did end up getting another hard drive but want to make sure I have things somewhat compressed.
  8. I currently have been using Demul, haven't had much luck with the Retroarch Dreamcast cores. Thank you CPUjunkie, I will get that a try as well. Is there any downfalls to the NTFS disk compression that you have encountered?
  9. Thank you so much! I will look more into CHD's. I use Retroarch for most my pre disc consoles. So I still emulate a few systems with emulators because I find it easier to customize settings. Funny before I found LaunchBox I thought I knew a decent amount about emulation. Now I feel like a noob.
  10. That is the question. I am running out of storage. Right now my collection is split between two drives and totals around 5TB. I am purchasing a 10TB hard drive soon. I would like to fit as many games as I can on my hard drives. I have been doing some research into compression using various formats (CSO, GZIP, ect.). It does appear this will save a lot of space, however, I have read it causes longer load time and some games will no longer work. I don't want to sacrifice quality for space. Is it worth it to compress the games or should I just get more storage? I am sorry if this is a duplicate post, I did do some searching on the forums. Mostly just found guides on compressing.
  11. I know I am late to the party like always but thank you for this! Getting close to 5TB and really need to start compressing more games.
  12. Thank you for getting back to me Jason. I had tried to uninstall everything eariler today and did some extensive searching on the forums nothing seemed to work. I ended doing a clean install of Windows and had the same issue before installing anything. As a last ditch effort I downgraded to Windows 10 home, everything works flawlessly. It must of been something in the Windows 10 Education Edition, I had some issues with FF15 a couple months ago too, took me a while to get it running. Thank you so much for all your hard work on Launch! I absolutely love it.
  13. If this helps the last time It hung up like this I did a ALT F4 to force close. I got the error found below. Even after closing it like that it booted up about 5 minutes later while doing something else. The Application object is being shut down. App: Version: 8.3 Type: System.InvalidOperationException Site: System.IO.Packaging.Package GetResourcePackage(System.Uri) Source: PresentationFramework at System.Windows.Application.GetResourcePackage(Uri packageUri) at System.Windows.Application.GetResourceOrContentPart(Uri uri) at System.Windows.Application.LoadComponent(Object component, Uri resourceLocator) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf.BigBox.App.InitializeComponent() at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf.BigBox.BigBoxProgram.Main() Recent Log: 3:03:48 PM Exception
  14. I am having a strange issue with my P.C. not sure anyone can help. When I first boot up everything works great. I can launch Big Box no problem. If I exit out of Big Box and try to open it again without restarting my P.C. it takes almost 10 minutes to load sometimes longer. The issue isn't just isolated to big box. After whatever triggers, triggers Dolphin, Higan, Retroarch, Fusion, Virtual box all start taking a few minutes to load. However some emulators still boot just fine like PlayStation ones, Femcu, SNES 9x. I have tried everything I can think of. Ran the cleaner that was posted in the forums. Cleaned start up processes. I even went as far as Windows reset (kept personal files). It's not the HDD as I have the issue even when launching on my primary SSD. I have tried to take screen shots of processes before and after launching and I can't find anything that could be causing it. Also after closing big box down once it will not close properly the next time. I have to launch task manager and kill it. Here comes the even stranger part. After a reboot everything works fine. Even not launch big box after, using other programs and software (primarly emulators) big box will do the not launch thing. With Shadowplay running it will almost never Launch Big Box it just freezes. Even on a clean boot. Totally at a loss, any ideas? I know it's not isolated to Big Box launching but I know that triggers whatever it is Everytime. It's only a handful of software that's effected. Everything else is super fast. Also not sure if it matters but I have everything set up through Rocket Launcher. Also I run Plex on my PC. My specs. 1080ti 8700k 32gb ram Windows 10 Education (combo of Enterprise and Pro) 32 inch ultrawide (I kinda think it could be a resolution thing as ultrawide has caused issues in the past. Not sure)
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