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  1. I seem to be having this issue now. I’ve ne er had it before. I only noticed it since the update before last that introduced game loading splash screens. Im using controller automation to close the running window on my arcade cab. It closes the window and goes back to bigbox but it’s not in focus until I use a keyboard and alt tab. Ive noticed sometimes using controller automation to close the window just goes to a black screen too. It all used to work perfect so no idea what’s going on!
  2. Now I’ve tried all sorts and got stuck getting workable controls Ive got bigbox with mame on and all runs great. I’ve also got a windows section with a mix of games. Some normal exe and sone pulled in from steam. My arcade games using mame and my stuff using retroarch works fine but my windows games like mortal kombat XL from steam doesn’t have the correct buttons so I can use steam to map the buttons and the game works great 😀 apart from bigbox gets confused and the menus jump up and down two at a time as it’s tegistering double input. So I turned off bigbox gamepad and then it works up and down my menus one at a time fine... but the buttons no longer work! So then I’ve tried xpadder which works on one of my games but then if I put it in my mortal kombat steam location and try and setup xpadder, it just crashes so I’m a bit stuck! I’m after a way to configure my normal bartop arcade buttons to work as a controller for both bigbox navigation, mame, retroarch and windows games oh I should add, it’s not bigbox, I’ve tried emulation station and got the same unless I disable steam controls and then my buttons are wrong
  3. Hi! I’m setting up my first bartop arcade using a pc and trying to config my arcade stick and buttons for sone pc games. Sone aren’t mapping well do I used Xpadder which worked great on my test until I tried bigbox. So I had to disable Xpadder because bigbox was now registering double input. So any way I can use it or a similar program to remap keys without issue? I’ve just got cheap usb to joystick controller board from AliExpress. Is the only way a keyboard mapper board?
  4. That’s what I’ve done in the end. Copy a playlist and then all the Ron’s. Launchbox only has the Roms I want in its library but all the rims are in the same folder thanks for your help
  5. Ok thanks. I just want a non cluttered list. It’s from a split collection so should be ok. I guess the only way might be to add the ones I want to a playlist. All the ones I don’t want add to another playlist. Then copy all over to my arcade pc, then copy over the playlists XML then delete the ones I don’t want from the arcade pc.
  6. Hey ive imported a load of mame Roms into a fresh install of launchbox. Ive gone though them and found 200 I like and added to a playlist. I know wantbto move just thise roms out of launchbox on this pc and onto my arcade cab pc. Is there an easy way of exporting the Roms in a pllsylist or moving their location to a different folder?
  7. Yep. Game metadata is fine. Just platform didn’t work so it’s not a big problem, all still looks fine in big box and I’m taking it all offline to go in my cabinet tomorrow so doesn’t effect me now. It’s an odd issue though. Mill test it on another machine tomorrow
  8. I’m ok now adding just making sure all the text is entered the same manually apart from the platform metadata doesn’t show. I was adding from the add a platform menu but I’ve tried importing and then creating a platform that way. Both don’t bring in metadata or show in any menus unless manually entered. This is on my current install and a new clean install on a new drive. Im running Windows 10
  9. Thanks all. Still not working right with platform metadata in 9 for me even though the scrape as is set correctly. But as you say, it’s all set manually correctly and works so no problem
  10. Strange issue for me now. I can add a platform such as Nintendo Gamecube or Sony PlayStation vita in the same way as normal. It then doesnt seem to download any meta data apart from the images. Then if I go to emulators and pick say dolphin for GameCube, I go to associated platform and type Nintendo but dont see Nintendo GameCube as a choice so I reinstalled a fresh new download of launchbox on a different drive and downloaded my emulators again and setup a new environment exactly the same happened so it’s not my config Any ideas what’s going on? Happening to you?
  11. I’m building a pc based bartop arcade for my brother. It’s not going to have an overwhelming collection of games but a good mix. It’s got 2 sets of 6 button arcade controls and 2 buttons each side on the from for coin and start. He says a pi running old games isn’t good enough so going to have a mix of PS2, Dreamcast, GameCube and even some Wii u. But obvously arCade Button’s can’t control most newer stuff so I’m going to use Bluetooth Xbox one controls. So so is it easy to have genre categories rather than platform for the main menu? He doesn’t care about platforms. And once into a genre like driving, is there way to filter to ones that work well with the cab controls or need a pad? Not sure if that’s even possible but if it is, I guess it’s a manual process of adding that metadata?
  12. Thanks both. Happy with this. Do you know of any way to launch direct to game streaming? im also thinking how to simplify. Right now I’ve got Xbox one as a platform, then go in and have Xbox one as the only “game” then click that to see the options screen and then press play. That then loads the Xbox app and then I can go to game streaming
  13. Sorry if this is a silly question but how do I add favourite etc buttons on the game screens like the attached screenshot?
  14. I wanted to add a button in big box to launch the xbox app to stream my xbox one games to my pc whilst staying in bigbox. I did this by making a very simple batch file that only has start xbox: I saved that to my launchbox folder. Added a new emulator under tools and names it xbox app, then added the batch file as a rom using this "emulator" I nw have a working link inside Launchbox
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