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  1. when I try to start my launchbox im receiving an error of this complaints title please if anyone can help me
  2. hey i used the movie scraper and its no working any way you can help me out
  3. ok so I don't know if this kodi launcher is outdated but the video sure is. The settings window is different now that were on kodi 17 I did and completed all the steps but on the last step I get an error. Its telling me that it cant read the path go to advance settings . also its popping up as launchbox file location not big box any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. I think so I used 7 zipped and used "extract here" there is a city hunter folder inside "CityHunter_2_(theme)_Plugin_Version" folder
  5. Hey love this build!! But when I downloaded the standard and the plugin version I go into big box it shows up in the themes selection but when I click on it nothing happens. So I followed the simple instructions changing the video selection to VLC still nothing. I would really appreciate the help, I went to the facebook group it told me to leave a comment on forums also someone replied that windows might be blocking a plugin? I don't know but if some one can help me again I would be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
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