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  1. I have encountered this problem too with some of mine, what I did to fix the problem is Edit the information about the game in launchbox and change the ROM file path that it has in there so that it diverts to the .bin file instead of the .cue file. hope this works for you
  2. Cheers guys, just changed the File Format to .cso and that solved the issue. Much Thanks
  3. no there the game files I have saved to my computer, but its not picking up the game alone, but all the data along with it. IE: there in a file called manhunt 2, inside the file is all the game data, but its not picking it up as Manhunt 2 on the import list, but rather all the game data itself. ???
  4. having issues when uploading my PSP ROM's to launchbox where its not differentiating between the files internals and the actual game therefore not uploading the game properly. any help with this?
  5. hey, pretty new to the system, would someone be able to tell me exactly how and where i put an mp3 file to play in the background of bigbox. thanks.
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