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  1. I sat down to play some stuff on my 4K tv through steam link last night only to find it was unplayable due to controller issues. I had this set up a week ago with no problem so I'm mystified how it has suddenly become an issue. Basically, my controller behaves normally in steam big picture mode and big box, and when I start a game retroarch recognizes an xinput controller. From there, everything falls apart as retroarch seems to take my inputs as keyboard commands. I can this is the case because if I activate the retroarch menu on my desktop and try to change inputs with my controller from there, it's reading every button as a keystroke. For example, start is mapped to the esc key, so if I hit start it thinks I'm trying to quit. Dpad controls work but I can't access any of my hotkeys or even play the game because it's not reading the right inputs. I tried this with two different controllers: an Xbox 360 controller and a TE2 arcade stick, both xinput and both have the same issue. When I start retroarch independently through steam link, this doesn't happen and it recognizes inputs as coming from the controller and not they keyboard. I tried taking steam link out of the equation and launching games on my desktop PC in several ways: with basic launchbox, with big box, and with bigbox through steam big picture mode. I had no issues at all when i did any of these with my controller connected to the PC. The only way in which this seems to happen is when I am launching a game through big box over steam link, which is naturally my preferred way to play. It's incredibly frustrating to spend so much time and effort configuring all my cores, tweaking controller settings, getting the stream stuff to work correctly, and then finally feeling "done" and able to play my games and then having an issue like this pop up because of unknown computer voodoo that happened between the last time it worked correctly now. I hope someone can help me figure out why this is happening!
  2. I use a sega saturn controller with a mayflash USB adaptor to play Saturn and Genesis games through Launchbox. I have no problem playing using to play through launchbox directly on my PC, but things seem to get weird when I try to play it through the steam link. While I can use the controller normally when navigating through the big box UI, as soon as I boot up a game very few of my buttons seem to work. If I press start for example i'll just get the steam HUD (As if I had pressed the guide button on an xbox controller) and can't really do much else. Since this only happens when I try to play a game on big box through Steam, I am guessing Steam is doing something to get in the way of the process here but am not sure what or how to get rid of it while also retaining the functionality I need to use the controller in big box mode and such. Has anyone else encountered this issue or one similar to it? EDIT: Well just after I posted that I fixed (it needed to be configured in steam as xbox controller and not a generic controller), feel free to delete.
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