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  1. Looks like this may have been fixed in the 11.0 beta. Early testing looks good.
  2. Ok, happy to help wherever I can. I'm running the latest beta - let me know if you need more logs or anything.
  3. Having the exact same issue here. I was using Keyboard Automation within Bigbox which would seem to stop working after a time so I turned it off and instead turned on the shift functionality on my ipac keyboard encoder. Unfortunately this has the same effect - works for a bit before not working at all. The funny thing is I can still bring up the pause screen using controller automation. And I can still quit a game using a shift key. It specifically seems to affect keyboard combinations for the pause screen. Some have suggested that it is specific to certain themes within Bigbox - but for me it happens on every one I've tried - even the default.
  4. Tested again on Cityhunter 2 and it is happening on that as well. Is it possible that one of the Pause or Startup themes is contributing? Do I need to switch them to default also?
  5. Just tested again - definitely still happening under the default Bigbox theme for me. Can confirm what @Belmont has said - pause screen can still be brought up using controller binds - it is just keyboard (and in my case my keyboard encoder) that stops working. Debug 2020-05-13 12-59-55 PM.log
  6. I'm having the same issue - but for some reason it is happening on the default theme as well?
  7. Well I've tried numerous other theme, Including the default bigbox theme and it still seems to be happening. I have attached my log - there appear to be numerous errors though I'm not sure if they're related. In this example the pause screen worked 5 or 6 times before it just stopped responding (either via buttons or direct on a keyboard). Any ideas? Debug 2020-05-09 10-35-08 PM.log
  8. I've been using Viking's COLORFUL theme. Thanks for the tip - I found the post in the beta thread that you're talking about and it seems like it might be the same issue. I'll try out some other themes and see if it helps.
  9. I have keyboard automation set up in Bigbox and it is working well for the most part. I have the Hold Key set up as my P1 Coin button which is mapped to "5" using an Ultimarc I-PAC2. My P1 Start button triggers the pause screen (mapped to "1" using the IPAC). This works great for a while and then just stops working entirely. The only way to fix it is to restart Bigbox (full reboot or just exit and restart Bigbox - both work). The buttons continue to work for their ordinary functions. I've tried using the keyboard itself when this happens and that won't work either. It doesn't seem to matter what type of rom or emulator I'm using - I've witnessed it occur on both MAME and Retroarch. I've turned off all built-in button shift functionality on the IPAC to ensure nothing is clashing. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  10. Yep that was it. Thanks very much @Retro808. I figured I was missing something obvious.
  11. Hi guys, I have been having an issue getting saves to work when I launch Arcade games in Launchbox/Bigbox running in Mame. Initially I thought it might be a pause screen automation issue but even trying to save state by using Shift-F7 on a keyboard won't work properly. I've done a bunch of testing - here's what I've come up with: Rom launched directly in Mame - Save states work Launched into Mame (double click or press Play) in Launchbox/Bigbox with Mame as default emulator - Save states don't work Launched into Mame (right-click and select Play version) in Launchbox/Bigbox with Mame as default emulator - Save states don't work Launched into Mame (right-click and select Launch with Mame) in Launchbox/Bigbox with Mame as default emulator - Save states don't work Launched into Mame (right-click and select Launch with Mame) in Launchbox/Bigbox with Mame NOT default emulator - Save states work All of the scenarios above that don't work give the error message of Error: Failed to open file for save operation - almost as though it can't see the sta folder or something? Anyone have any ideas? I'm a bit stumped.
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