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  1. Really nice theme! However, it says: "Your theme is in another update" Any idea why? I'm using the latest Launchbox version 9.1
  2. I was wondering though... Why is the Emumovies coupon only for their lifetime license? Any chance I could get a yearly license coupon instead?
  3. The discount is live, just got my license I wanted to ask about the Emumovies coupon for their lifetime license. Is it permanent or will it expire? I was thinking I could buy a subscription with the coupon later, maybe a month or two from now.
  4. I'm waiting for it too... It's already Friday here
  5. Oh ok, I thought I'd ask since I saw some other discounts already going on
  6. Cool, I hope it works, it's just that in Greece we are under capital control so PayPal would be much easier. Jason, can you verify? Also on the Black Friday matter?
  7. I see. Is it possible to pay with debit card, or only credit card is accepted? Also, is there going to be a Black Friday sale?
  8. Hey, Sorry for bumping this. Is there any chance I can directly send you the payment to your PayPal account, because it's a bit hard otherwise in my country...?
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