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  1. My license expired exactly a year ago. I'm running the latest version, 11.8 which I downloaded yesterday from the site.
  2. Yeah, that's what I said in the first post, BigBox loads with no problems.
  3. Yes, it's showing my name in the top right corner.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm kinda confused with what's going on with the updates and expired licenses. I was able to update to the latest version (11.8) manually just fine, I cannot update through Launchbox directly when it checks for new versions and it says my license is expired, but by downloading it manually everything is installing and working. So, am I missing something here? I was thinking, what's the point of having an active license if there's this simple workaround. Both Launchbox and BigBox seem to be running fine for the time being. Please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Really nice theme! However, it says: "Your theme is in another update" Any idea why? I'm using the latest Launchbox version 9.1
  6. I was wondering though... Why is the Emumovies coupon only for their lifetime license? Any chance I could get a yearly license coupon instead?
  7. The discount is live, just got my license I wanted to ask about the Emumovies coupon for their lifetime license. Is it permanent or will it expire? I was thinking I could buy a subscription with the coupon later, maybe a month or two from now.
  8. I'm waiting for it too... It's already Friday here
  9. Oh ok, I thought I'd ask since I saw some other discounts already going on
  10. Cool, I hope it works, it's just that in Greece we are under capital control so PayPal would be much easier. Jason, can you verify? Also on the Black Friday matter?
  11. I see. Is it possible to pay with debit card, or only credit card is accepted? Also, is there going to be a Black Friday sale?
  12. Hey, Sorry for bumping this. Is there any chance I can directly send you the payment to your PayPal account, because it's a bit hard otherwise in my country...?
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