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  1. I had forgotten just how terrible CD-i was. I had it when it was current, dad thought the software was total garbage, unloaded the unit onto a cousin I didn't really like and got a 3DO. Even though both the CD-i and 3DO (and Amiga CD32) were all out about the same time, the CD-i was being pulled off the shelves within a couple of months. The terrible software was only matched by the terrible hardware. I hadn't gotten this working until now, and have already deleted it. Had bought the unit specifically for Dragon's Lair - which required the hardware addon - no sale. 3DO was much much better, tons more software and usually games were in the $25 range, while the CD-i was more it the $35-40 range. Out of the 3 I preferred the Amiga CD32 (Had an original launch A1000 and later an A500 and eventually an A1200 - along with several iterations of the Atari ST including the Falcon 030). At any rate, a kick in the groin was preferable to dealing with a CD-i.
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