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  1. I'm with you on this. It would have been a more complete feature with what you described.
  2. Could you please explain this to me like I am a six year old or I guess in this day and age a 60 year old? I tried to figure out what you meant and I think I'm close, but it didn't work right.
  3. Thanks for the quick response and your time. I am using 1.3 and I tried with right click "Run as administrator" and I still get the same errors. I am using Windows 7. Should the installer be somewhere specific or install from anywhere as long as it knows where my Retroarch dir is?
  4. I selected Japan over North America in region priority and yet LaunchBox prioritizes North America or USA over Japan despite having the Japanese Rom when importing roms.
  5. I recently watched ETA Prime's tutorial on installing the Bezel Project in LaunchBox. I followed the instructions and ended up with these error screens. Please help, I think this project is great and would like to use it myself, thanks.
  6. It's back, started adding roms to Launchbox and now the stutter is back. MAME is fine in Launchbox, it's Retroarch, in or out fo Launchbox. I checked refresh rate in nVidia Control Panel and it's 60hz.
  7. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, nVidia Control Panel wouldn't open, so I updated my driver and all is well. Thanks
  8. I thought it was low also. What kind of computer do you have to have to run this at 60? My specs are; i7 3770K OC 4.4 GHz, 16GB Ram, 1866 MHz DDR 3, GTX 680 4GB memory. Monitor refresh rate is 60hz
  9. Thanks for the tip. however my version of Retroarch is 1.7.5 and it doesn't have some of the settings you are showing. I'll take a screen shot later so you can see the difference.
  10. Glad it worked out for you. I am having a different problem with Neo Geo. I have a No Intro Rom Set of Neo Geo titles and less than half will launch. Just can't figure it out.
  11. I compared the two and noticed by default "Threaded Video" is off and on the one that works, it is on. I changed the other one to "on" and it works great now. Thanks for holding my hand through this now all seems well.
  12. I reinstalled Launchbox, added Retroarch and it still has the same problem. As much as it was painful to do, I ran the game and tried playing it, it runs very slow. If I launch Retroarch from inside Launchbox it does the same thing. If I launch Retroarch from outside of Lauchbox, it still runs slow. If I run it from a different Retroarch, it runs fine.
  13. Yes, inside and outside of LaunchBox. Installed LaunchBox then added Retroarch according to ETA Prime's Tutorial. Launching games I nitced the sound is bad. Launched game in Retroarch, no sound issues. I even went as far as excluding LaunchBox from my Antivirus. I uninstalled LaunchBox and will try again with a new installation.
  14. At this point, 72 hours later 80 views and no answers, I am glad I hesitated to buy the license.
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