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  1. This is heading into an off-topic direction, so I probably won't say any more on the matter after this. The names you give the platforms can still be completely custom. LaunchBox stores them somewhere, presumably a database of some sort. So if whatever name you give a platform is stored, the dropdown in the "Associated Platforms" table can just tap into that database to get the list of names you've given your platforms. They could even be bi-directionally linked. So make it a combo box instead of just a straight textbox or dropdown. Then, if you change the name of the platform in the combo box in the "Associated Platforms" list, then it automatically updates the platform name to be the same. This is just me spitballing, of course, and knowing only a little about programming by being an amateur web developer. Seems like it could be doable, though.
  2. And there it is. The "NEC " needed to be in the title of the associated platform. I had missed this because I recently rebuilt my library of TurboGrafx games and it automatically put "NEC " in the platform name, but didn't change the old name in RetroArch's "Associated Platforms" list. As a side note, I feel like perhaps the platform name in that list should be a dropdown list rather than an editable textbox, as that can lead to typo issues not unlike the one I just had. Thank you for catching this, @Lordmonkus!
  3. The TurboGrafx-16 and TurboGrafx-CD games that I have do work just fine in RetroArch, so long as I load the core manually and load the content manually in RetroArch. Attempting to launch any game from those platforms from LaunchBox or BigBox silently fails. I get the "now loading…" screen fade-in, then it fades back out to LaunchBox. Other systems that use RetroArch work just fine from LB/BB. Why is it just TG16/TGCD? Can anyone please help me to figure out why this is happening?
  4. Hey, I followed your method exactly, but I noticed that some games did not get included. For example, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! never gets checked. From what I can tell, the USA release is a clone of the Europe release. Even though they are a part of the latest No-Intro ROMset, they simply are never added to my "ROM-Paths" folder. I've tried using a "standard" DAT file (rather than Parent-Clone) and it does get included that way, but so do the various "Rev." of various games. I also have to set the region in DAT-O-MATIC when downloading the DAT file. Both of these issues are fine, and I can deal with them if it means getting Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!" (among other missing games, I'm sure). But if there's something that I'm missing while using your method, please let me know, because I do like the 1G1R simplicity better.
  5. When doing an audit on a complete set of USA NES ROMs from a Full No-Intro set, LB is showing me that a few of the games are duplicates, even though I know for a fact that they are not. Only four games are affected in this romset, and they happen to be games that were, indeed, developed and published by different companies; they were just released with the same title. (See the attached screenshot.) For example, the first one on the list is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Two games were released with that title--one by Taito, one by UBI Soft--two years apart. LB, however, thinks they are both the Taito-published game. Now, I know I can right-click on the UBI Soft one and click Edit to change it. I can disassociate it from the "found" LB database ID, append " (UBI Soft)" to the end of the title, then click the "Search for Metadata" button to have it search and find the correct database record. While this mostly works, several other issues still exist. The images for both titles are a mix. There are Screenshots and Clear Logos for both titles attached to both titles. To help alleviate this, I've edited the title on both games to append (Taito) and (UBI Soft), then cleared out the images in both, and had it re-download them. Even doing this, it still got some of the wrong images for the UBI Soft version, so I had to weed them out. The notes section is incorrect for one of the games. In this example, the UBI Soft version has Taito's back-of-box blurb. I'd really rather not have to re-type the blurb on the back of the UBI Soft version box. Audit still thinks they are duplicates. In the Audit screen, you cannot just click the checkbox in the "Duplicate" column for a game to clear it. Thus, LB will always think that these two games are duplicates. RetroAchievements problem. In this example, only the UBI Soft version of the game has any RetroAchievements. The achievements are being listed for both versions of the game, however. At least, they are being shown for both in LB; they are only shown for the correct version of the game in RetroArch. Incorrect music. This is relatively easily fixed in the Edit screen, but again, seems like it should be unnecessary. The correct version needs to be downloaded from EmuMovies' FTP site first, of course, then pointed to in the Edit screen for the game. (In this particular instance, EmuMovies made an error and has the Taito music for both games. I've already notified them of this on their forums.) Incorrect manual. See above. The downloaded manual from EmuMovies' FTP site is correct, at least. Incorrect video. See above. Again, EmuMovies' FTP site has the correct file, which had to be downloaded manually. There must be some better way of fixing these sorts of problems, because I'm sure it won't end with just these four sets of games. That's just for the USA region NES games. I can't imagine the horror with other regions and, especially, other platforms! 😱 Is there any better fix for this other than manually editing each pair?
  6. I'm loving it! I believe it'll be my daily driver from now on. The only wish I have is that the Platform Wheel 2 view didn't have the scanlines effect for the background video, as it doesn't quite look as good when viking's Nostaglia video set is used. So I just use the Platform Wheel 4 view instead, even though it doesn't have the same angled wheel on the side. Yeah, you're right. I had to just replace the Clear Logo in the Edit Playlist dialog one-by-one, then refreshed all images in Big Box mode. Perhaps I'll report that as a bug/feature request to the LaunchBox team. If they do implement that suggestion in the future, then perhaps it *would* be a good idea to separate the Playlist logos from the Platform logos. Until then, however, it isn't really necessary. Thanks again for making a beautiful theme and clear logo pack!
  7. I really like these clear logos. Thank you, @Rincewind, for making these and providing them for us! I only have one issue that is likely a small one. After adding these to your Rincewind theme in `\LaunchBox\Themes\Rincewind\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo` and renaming them to match the folder names in `\LaunchBox\Images\Platforms`, only the images associated with platforms are updated in BigBox. The ones associated with Playlists (i.e., Capcom Play System II, Midway Classics, etc.) do *not* appear; only the older clear logos do. I attempted to duplicate the Platforms folder inside Themes and rename it "Playlists", thinking BigBox was looking for a folder with that name inside of the `Themes\Rincewind\Images` folder, but that didn't help. What am I doing wrong?
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