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  1. Thanks, that's all really helpful! I've updated the folder name in the zip file, so that should fix the ESRB issue. My focus isn't the other views right now, they're tacked on admittedly. But I'll look into fixing the platform name issue.
  2. Found a good compromise for the faded view. The top and bottom of the wall now fades as the rest of the screen does. It actually might look better this way than what I originally intended. It's kind of a mix between the default theme and POC. And with that, I feel confident to release another preview build. v0.3: - Updated Wall View to be compatible with Launchbox 11.10. - 9x3 grid, with selected game highlighted - Fading effect improved, highlights current row. - Minor timing/transparency adjustments - Pulsing white arrow added to horizontal platform wheel view
  3. Preview of what I've been working on. Manged to fit 9 games per row now! There's so much less wasted space. Normal scrolling: Zoomed Video/Faded when idle: Wish I could fade the non-higlighted boxes further as the background dims, but that might be beyond my very scrappy coding ability. One more screen capture showing multiple rows:
  4. Thanks so much for the update! I was making a Wall View based-theme before this, and I can tell already that performance has improved dramatically. No more hitching between videos as they switch. Also not encountering a nasty never-ending video playback bug I used to. I'll have to go back to working on it now that the update is out. Lots of ways I'd like to improve it.
  5. With the Amazon importer, when I launch a game that isn't installed, I get a message from the Amazon app to launch the installer. When I click yes, it doesn't do anything. I have to navigate to the game myself to actually install. I take it that this is a problem with Amazon's app, correct? Not handling launch URLs at it should?
  6. I think he means automatically importing Amazon Prime app games without having to install them, akin to other clients. I'm trying to work it out myself with a URL install/play path. But this only seems to work if the game is already installed. amazon-games://play/[gameid] (found in installed game's shortcut)
  7. Went back to work on this again, I'm looking for feedback before I publish to the download section. Thanks, and have fun! v0.2 - Created two platform views, with horizontal and vertical scroll wheels. - Wall view: Created a slight zoom/fade effect highlighting videos and clear logo when idle. - Wall view: Changed fonts for game score. - Wall view: Adjusted fade timings.
  8. Two small requests: - Versus - Online To be paired with this for multiplayer playmodes:
  9. Yeah, I'm aware. The view I was hoping to incorporate that with is here. But thanks, since now I know to stop looking for a solution.
  10. Yup, that was the idea. Something similar to Critical Box's Horizontal Box view that adds a border.
  11. Complete novice here. Is there any way to add borders around selected boxes within a wall view? Using the theme creator, although I don't think the option exists within the program.
  12. Decided to upload my first pass at it. Let me know if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions! Tried to make it snappy to browse but still with a little flair. I recommend setting background transitions to Quick Fade and videos to Fade. I don't know anything about the etiquette of using images from other themes here, so for now I stuck with star images from the default one.
  13. Early attempt at building it myself. Little unfortunate that the wall view (seemingly) can't be customized beyond 5 per row.
  14. Made another mock-up based on the Aeon MQ7 theme, the only theme auto-listed with a wall+video view. The theme itself puts the video in the top left corner, at that small resolution, and shows more boxes. Not sure I like the placement of the additional images, might want to reverse them, etc. And adding a border around the selected game would be preferable. Would anyone consider adding a similar view to (their) existing theme? Or point me in a direction of one that already does?
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