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  1. Yup, updating to 10.1 did the trick! Was on 10.0 before.
  2. Crashing for me from installs, both the zip file and the BigBox manager. "FlowControl' name cannot be found in the name scope of 'System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock'."
  3. Would anyone be willing to make a "Platforms" category icon? If it doesn't exist yet.
  4. Have a few requests for subgenres, etc: CRPG JRPG (... nothing too anime, haha) SPRG Point & Click Adventure Metroidvania Rogue-like HDR Supported
  5. I've tried every option in the BigBox image cache menu to no avail. Most View options are fine, but those that use thumbnails for Coverflow are all blurry and pixelated. At first it was a few images I had changed covers for, then the whole library ended up this way. No issues in LaunchBox proper. Anyone know what the underlying issue is? Or how to rebuild the thumbnail cache in specific?
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