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  1. Had zero luck finding a clear logo for big box mode, so I whipped one up quickly. Well used an existing one (Sega CD) and added the 32X logo. Just wanted to share it for those who have it as a separate platform in Big Box mode.
  2. Reviving this to see if anyone has found another work around. I am dying to play me some 7th Guest.
  3. harrisone

    MAME crashing

    Ahh yes, I did have to hunt down a newer neogeo bios with the SP1-U4.bin file. If I could find a good working 206 set I would be happy.
  4. harrisone

    MAME crashing

    Ahh gotcha, I appreciate the tips please don't get me wrong I do not believe so, the only thing I can think of is this... I have a GTX 2080 in the machine I am using with the nVidia control panel. For some reason, when the full screen resolution changes, it kicks the display mode in the nVidia control panel to 30htz. I was mucking around trying to get the X68000 stuff working right, and somehow it forced my resolution on my machine back to 720p and 30htz refresh rate. I DID correct this at the same time that I re imported the roms, so maybe that had something to do with it. Thats the only other variable change I can think of.
  5. harrisone

    MAME crashing

    I have never had an issue in several years having a newer app version than the romset, so I highly doubt that would have anything to do with this issue. I am fairly confident I read in release notes long long ago that as long as MAME was a version = /= your romset version, you were fine, especially if you were NOT using split roms. Night 1 = all games were working (Ghouls and Ghosts for example) Night 1 = every single game crashes at load in MAME until the romset was re-imported
  6. harrisone

    MAME crashing

    Okay, here is the full issue... -Running the latest LaunchBox version -Running MAME.206 64bit -ROMSET is a .201 complete merged set -Was working fine, loading games through Launchbox and Bigbox with no issue -Came back the next day, and tried to launch a game, goes to initializing and then crashes -Rebooted machine, same issue -Tried just opening MAME and it worked fine -Launchbox again, same issue happened -Made copies of all my ini and cfg files for MAME and had MAME generate new ones, same issue -Got frustrated so I chose to delete 'Arcade', and re imported full set into LaunchBox again -I just tried it and now its working If there is a log or config file I can grab, let me know. Thanks, Josh
  7. harrisone

    MAME crashing

    Having the same issue, would like to know why.
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