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  1. updated firmware , seems to be working now.
  2. I connect the controller using USB and it works. ?
  3. How do I get it to X-input mode?
  4. Does a 8BitDo controller work with RetroArch? I can use the controller with other systems but none that use retroarch. Can I use emulators not going through retroarch?
  5. I hear you. Im going to get off the idea of having Switch in my emulation project for now.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I just cant justify buying a dedicated graphics card for 400+ when the system I am trying to emulate cost that much. Havent looked for the 1030 tho
  7. wassup yall, getting back into my build I need a video card to run Yuzu. What GPU do you recommend? budget king here lol! Thx in advanced.
  8. I dont know why some games wont launch then I get this error. What can I do to get the game to open normally? THX!
  9. Dam. So no alternative? once you download and get everything and lets say my PC crashes I have to be a premium member to do it again right?
  10. i do not have the premium.. but I can download them manually?
  11. ok so I have to do it manually from Emu or somewhere else?
  12. ok from where? I have Emumovies on the LB I thought it got everything thru that
  13. Sure. Thx. when I am in the console select no video plays. When im in game select no video plays for the game. Not sure If i have to get the videos and put them in. on ETA`s YT videos his just look different.. like his console select icons.
  14. its not looking like the videos I see! SO frustrated
  15. ermac_0

    MAME crashing

    It works now. I reinstalled MAME and it works now. Would like to know what the issue was.
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