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  1. Dam. So no alternative? once you download and get everything and lets say my PC crashes I have to be a premium member to do it again right?
  2. i do not have the premium.. but I can download them manually?
  3. ok so I have to do it manually from Emu or somewhere else?
  4. ok from where? I have Emumovies on the LB I thought it got everything thru that
  5. Sure. Thx. when I am in the console select no video plays. When im in game select no video plays for the game. Not sure If i have to get the videos and put them in. on ETA`s YT videos his just look different.. like his console select icons.
  6. its not looking like the videos I see! SO frustrated
  7. ermac_0

    MAME crashing

    It works now. I reinstalled MAME and it works now. Would like to know what the issue was.
  8. ermac_0

    MAME crashing

    Had mame working but haven't used it in like 3 weeks.. I opened it today and all it does is show the initializing screen and closes 😐 I dont know if its the 9.3 update or something else.
  9. I want to build something that can do up too the PS2 with no issues.
  10. Im looking into my first build in a really long time and i was wondering what the community thought about cpu vs apu build. Any input is appreciated.
  11. ermac_0

    LB controller

    Launchbox..... I would if there is a functional reason too.. i heard the controllers work automatically and dont have set it up in each emulator but IDK
  12. ermac_0

    LB controller

    Dont know if this goes in the NOOBS but whatever lol ... I need a controller and I really like the 8BitDo controllers cuz it has to look nice but do they work with LB? Also why do some ppl use it with retroarch?! for the easy setup of controllers?
  13. ermac_0

    MAME not working

    Ok so I created the mame.ini file and edited it to skip the game info screen some games dont play saying "there are known problems with this machine" but im happy I got a step further and learned . Thx for the help LordMunkus
  14. ermac_0

    MAME not working

    its not there for any of the versions I extract
  15. ermac_0

    MAME not working

    wow.. I followed ETAPrime tutorial and he doesn't have it on his MAME root folder
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