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  1. Below are the new instructions from epic fail. Please follow these instructions in place of the video. This is all that is needed and is really simple. My Notes, Starting from nothing. 1.) Download and install launchbox 9.10. Ensure its close before continuing. 2.) Download the ScummVMImport.dll to your Launchbox/Plugins directory 3.) Right click the ScummVMImport.dll Select Properties Check the Unblock Click Apply, Then Click OK 4.) Put your ScummVM Games where you want to keep them. Games need to be extracted already. I used Launchbox/Games/ScummVM 5.) run Launchbox 6.) Select Tools -> ScummVM Import Tool (simple) Click OK Click No (I didn't have one to import) Click No (I didn't have on to import) Click No (I didn't have on to import) Click No (I didn't have on to import) 7.) From the ScummVM 2.0.0 Window, Update prompt Select Never, then click Proceed 8.) From the ScummVM Window Hold Shift and select Mass Add... Click Yes Navigated to the Launchbox/Games/ScummVM directory and clicked Choose 9.) Scan Complete, Click OK 10.) Select Quit. 11.) Answer Yes. 12.) Answer Yes. 13.) Answer Yes. 14.) Answer Yes. 15.) Answer Yes 16.) Answer Yes 17.) Click OK 18.) Click OK 19.) CLick OK 20.) From Launchbox Click Tools->Import->Rom Files Click Next, Add Folder, Select Launchbox/ScummVM/epicfail_launchers Click Next Select ScummVM, Then Click Next Select ScummVM, Then Click Next Select "Use the files in their current location" Click Next Click Next Click Next Click Next Click Finish 21.) Wait while they import. Then click OK 22.) Done your game will now launch from launcbox To Configure ScummVM or any of your games its important to follow one of these options. Option A: 1.) From Launchbox, Click Tools->Configure ScummVM 2.) ScummVM will launch with the portable ini file created automatically earlier. Same one your games launch with. 3.) Configure and make sure you Quit from ScummVM. Option B: 1.) Right Click the game from LAunchbox and select Configure ScummVM 2.) ScummVM will launch with the portable ini file created automatically earlier. Same one your games launch with. 3.) Configure and make sure you Quit from ScummVM.
  2. Wheww!!! Fixed it I found the last platform backup before I started messing with ScummVM and replaced it in the Data folder. Then I re-imported the roms and viola! Man I hope all of the systems I want to add don't do me like this. If I had never started with the youtube video and I had epicfails new instructions, this whole thing could have been setup in 10 minutes. The tool (built-in plugin version) really is amazing once you have the right instructions! Thanks!
  3. Epicfail. Thanks for the information. You should post that at the top of the download page with a note saying not to follow the video... do this instead With that said. before I started your instructions. I tried to undo everything that I had added to launchbox during this process. I deleted the games, the emulator, the platform,the original ini file, the old launcher folder, and the original Scummvm launcher. I followed your instructions and every step of the way and it worked perfectly. every step and prompt was exactly as stated. I then imported the games successfully. Everything looked normal. It came back with x number of games imported successfully. However, the games or platform do not show up here in launchbox... If I go to manage emulators... I see that Scummvm is back... When I go to manage platform I see that ScummVM is back here too, however it shows 0 games even after the successful import. Any advice is appreciated!!!
  4. Please see my other post below.... I'm not being critical. I appreciate all of the great work being done and the help that I get from the community, but the new instructions are clear as mud and the videos that are still at the top of the post are completely obsolete. Please update the instruction at the top of the page and work with ETA prime on another video, or the least remove the old one. I've been working on this for about 6 hours and it still doesn't work and now I have no idea where to go next. I'm probably worse off now than when I started. Thanks.
  5. A few more questions.... With the options in the tools menu... is the exe even needed anymore? If so, when do you run it and where does it go now? Do the roms now have to be in the Scummvm or launchbox folder to work now that the bat files are appear to be moved to Scummvm/epicfail_launchers? How do I clear the settings created by the import tool and start over? Thanks!
  6. Guys I'm so frustrated... After all of this, I realize that the whole video by ETA prime is obsolete and no-one should be using it while trying to setup the latest version of EpicFails launcher ever. IMO it should be deleted. The combination of that video, along with the download instructions on the EpicFail download post are an Epic Fail. In order to have any idea of wth is going on, if you watched the video... is you have to start reading at version 2.0.5 and read every comment on the way up to the top of the post which should just be the latest instructions. So, I now see (and understand) that there are new tools in the tools menu just for ScummVM. I now (after downloading the exe.. putting everything were the video says) have run the tool. It still don't work and now I have no idea wth to do. I deleted all the games. I've deleted everything in the scummvm folder, I ran the tool again, I regenerated the bat files in the new location. Now, the platform wont even show up in launchbox. It's just a big f-ing mess. Is the original exe from the video even needed anymore? Does it matter where the games are stored as long as the .bat files are in the new epicfail_launcher folder? What happened to my platform? When I deleted all of the games, the platform went away... no worries.. the same thing happened with N64. However, when I tried to re-import the bat files as roms I set the platform and emulator as normal and It acted like it worked but then the platform did not reappear. Now the emulator looks like this... Note now there is a blank line above the original line. It doesn't seem to matter if I uncheck one or the other or both. Nothing changes. Sorry for the rant. I've just been working on this for hours. Any advice is appreciated. Is there an easy and (surefire) way to start over?
  7. I only have time to work on my system every now and then. This week I decided to add some additional platforms. This is similar, but a little different from another recent post regarding N64. As was the case with that post, I followed the ETA prime video. (Due to the age of the vids and constant changes in emulators, etc, nothing ever seems to be exactly what you see in the vid.) One hiccup that I had was that the video provided instructions for the exe, but when you go to the EpicFail post, the download is only for a dll file. After I kept reading, I found the original exe. but again, what to do with the dll was not entirely clear. Anyway... I followed the instructions and attempted to import the roms. Everything looked normal, however, 0 roms imported. I did the same process but used a different set of roms. This time it worked, but when I tried to launch a game from LB I got the same error as with N64.. First, I said a few curse words, then, I did some more research and realized that the dll file needed to go in the plugin folder. So I put it in the plugin folder and unblocked it. Next I tried to run it from launchbox. I no longer got the error above, I just get the "Now Loading" screen and then it just goes back to launchbox. If I open SCummVM and run a game from there, it works. All of the artwork looks correct. I'm starting to wonder if something is up with my launchbox build. I'm running the most current version. Here are a few Emulator edit screens... Note: The launcher is in the same folder as the games per ETA primes instructions. One more thing... after I got the plugin in the right place I went back and reloaded the ini and updated the batch files. The batch files are in the Launchers folder in the games folder. Any one have any suggestions? As always... any help is appreciated!
  8. Thanks for your help! Now I have to figure out how to keep my Project 64 controller settings from disappearing every time I exit and re-enter.
  9. Extract Rom Archive did not help, but deleting and re-importing did work! I don't know why it was messed up to begin with, but thanks for your help!!
  10. I've done this several times, but I'll go step by step on what I'm seeing. I select all games, choose tools/Change folder path. I see this and select the folder that I have verified the .N64 versions of the roms exist. It says please select the folder that now contains the 304 selected games... I hit OK and I get this... I select yes. Then I get this.... Here are the games in the folder at that location.... I select yes and I get this... Great. Now I try to load a game and I get... I don't get it. The only other odd thing that I've noticed is... when I select an individual game, it looks like it is looking for the .7z file...
  11. Hi all, I've been working on this issue independently and I've searched the forums, but I haven't found my specific issue. It seems like it would be an easy fix, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I only have this issue with N64. Here is what I've tried so far.... I originally tried to setup N64 with RetroArch. I was continually getting the error and I gave up on it. I recently came back to it and saw a newer video posted by ETA Prime recommending Project64. So, I gave that a try. Still the same issue. I'm trying to load all of my roms from and external HD because my internal drive is not big enough. I thought that might be part of the issue, however, I'm playing roms from this drive on the other emulators. Next I noticed that ETA's rom for N64 were already unzipped, so, I unzipped them.... No Go... Next I went ahead and moved the N64 roms to the Games folder on the internal drive thinking surely this would fix it... NADA. I've tried selecting all of the games and then "Change Rom's folder path" and "Export/Copy rom files to new folder" from the tools menu. Here are a few tabs from my Project 64 edit screen... And here is the Platform.... Finally, I thought... I should just try to run it from the emulator. I opened the emulator selected choose ROM directory and BAM all of my roms populated and I can play them from there. I then went back and tried all of the steps I previously tried, but I still get the same error in Launchbox. What am I missing???
  12. I do have one additional question... When I go to the gampad/joystick screen in launchbox... When I enable Gamepad/joystick input, my Xinput Xbox 360/Xbox one controller appears under choose a device. When I checked Use all attached controllers.... it is still there but is grayed out. Just curious if that was normal or launchbox's way of letting me know that there was an issue with my multiple 360 controllers??
  13. I had written the post above and then decided to try one more thing... It worked!!! I went back into launchbox > Tools > Options > gamepad/joystick. I unchecked use all attached controllers. I then went back into Mame and was able to setup my coin and start buttons with Joy2 and joy3. Wierd. I also noticed that I could not power on a controller while in MAME and have it be recognized. I had to exit MAME and then come back in. This could have been part of the problem too. Either way. I got it to work. Thanks.
  14. Thanks again for the info. However, I can't even get to the point where losing my settings is a problem. Here is a snippet of the link you sent me.... By default, the mapping between devices and controller IDs is not stable. For instance, a gamepad controller may be assigned to “Joy 1” initially, but after a reboot, it may get re-assigned to “Joy 3”. The reason is that MAME enumerates attached devices and assigns controller IDs based on the enumeration order. Factors that can cause controller IDs to change include plugging / unplugging USB devices, changing ports / hubs and even system reboots. I can't get Joy 2 to register at all. I can worry about losing the settings later. Right now my focus is on getting it to work period.
  15. Are you saying that everyone that has multiple 360 controllers has to do all of this just to set Joy2 and 3? Surely that can't be the case? I can't even get it set once, much less set it and then lose it as some have complained about. When I follow the controller setting video for launchbox and then again in bigbox.... When I select player 1 coin and press my select button on the player one controller it works just as it does in the video, but, when I select player 2 coin and try to press the select button ( or any other button on the 360 controller) that are lit up in the player 2 or player 3 positions, nothing happens. Is that normal?
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