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  1. Sad about all the hurdles with Android! Although I never used it I bought it to support you, sad you get so little income from it
  2. @SNAK3ATER Can you help me figure this out, I am trying to improve the readability of your theme at the console selection view ( or whatever it's called ). The images blends in too much with the background that I can sometimes barely see what console it is, well I can always look at the video.. but I want to see the text image as well! I photo-shopped in a black bar at the selection part, but it's still transparent, so I would assume that it lies somewhere in the code, and that is where I need help. I will attach 3 images, one to show what I mean, and two of the photo-shopped images, I also added the .psd files if that would help you or someone else. EDIT: I uploaded the wrong image to showcase about the readability issues, but that one also worked, but I added the one that I originally wanted to upload, also I tweaked the images to have this half transparent feature at the top of the images as well. wheel4-alpha.psd wheel3-alpha.psd
  3. Super weird, I don't know if DS4 makes the controller connection with directinput or xinput, but if you use xbox it sure uses xinput. You do have xinput enabled? look at my screenshot. Also! Do you have PCSX2 v1.4 or v1.5?
  4. Yes, but there are more cores to download with RetroArch than there are to choose from in Launchbox, so I can not see the Dreamcasts cores, and I tried to follow the mentioned steps to manually add them, but I can't.
  5. I don't really understand, I don't have to choose a core when adding a new cell at the bottom? I can not write anything in the cell where I need to choose a core, if I type it just searches for the ones that already is in that list.
  6. Yeah sorry, I mean in PCSX2, I just the wireless Logitech controller, which uses the xbox driver, also my friend connects to my PC with an actual xbox controller and both of our controllers works great with xinput in PCSX2
  7. Thank you for fast response! Yeah, I thought it wasn't playing the whole thing, but then I restarted it a few times and I noticed that it actually does play the whole thing.. Something else tho, I am trying to understand if I can have background music to play in BigBox, can't find any info on that, do you know anything regarding background music?
  8. It doesn't play to the end of my 20sec "long" video tho, and I can't change it to have it play out the whole video either...
  9. This might not be very helpful.. but I thought xbox controllers used Xinput, do you really need to config anything?
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