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  1. Just wanted to let you Guys know my theme got completely messed up when installing the newest version of LB. Screen starts up on ‘general’ With no games or platforms shown. Can’t change views either. Other themes seem to still work fine
  2. @eatkinola If I were to convert all platform png's to the correct ratio, with the cutouts for the video's at exactly the right position, would it still be a lot of hassle to modify the theme code-wise? 🤐
  3. I Tried this, but the camera didn't pick up the text. Eventually, I bought a new, different model encoder board and now the colors are quite a bit more vibrant. The default UI text is English so that makes it easier, plus it came with a TV remote. Colors are not quite the same as the original, but I'm happy with it right now. Thanks for the tips though!
  4. Guidope

    NFL Blitz PC

    Not sure if this is the version you're looking for, I installed it and it's working great!
  5. This already helps out a bunch! To me this is the perfect theme, so I guess I'll have to live with the squeezed background image for now.
  6. First off, I love this theme! I love the minimal look and the old devices an peripherals. But right now, I'm ready to start pulling out my hair 🤯 I've been using the Nostalgia theme on my emulation PC for quite a while without any problems. The platform select screen loads in PNG's with cutouts for the platform's monitor and there random game video's are loaded in the way it's supposed to. Recently I've moved my complete emulation PC into an Arcade1Up cabinet with a 4:3 ratio screen. At first the theme filled out the screen fine, but the images were squeezed to fit the new ratio. Then I tried to update the theme with the 4:3 video's but that didn't work out. I got the 'inception' thingy going on (I've seen more people having this problem). So I updated the theme to the newly released 1.9 version and now it won't fill out the 4:3 screen anymore, it's fixed to 16:9 so now it looks kind of tiny with the black bars top and bottom. Updating the vids with the 4:3 set still gives the 'inception' view. So basically my questions are: Is it even possible to force the 1.9 theme to 4:3 ratio? Is it possible for the theme to prioritize the Nostalgia 4:3 video's for platform views, instead of the default png's? I really hope someone can point me in the right direction since these are literally the last things to completely finishing my build and I've lost so many hours fiddling around with it already.
  7. Hi Guys / Girls, I'm having a bit of problems with these, let me explain: I've been using Viking's Nostalgia theme on my emulation PC for quite a while without any problems. The platform select screen loads in PNG's with cutouts for the platform's monitor and there random game video's are loaded in. Recently I've moved my complete emulation PC into an Arcade1Up cabinet with a 4:3 ratio screen. I wanted to update the theme with these 4:3 video's but it's not working (I put them in the folder according to the instructions). Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here? I also tried to rename the files to the same names the system is currently using.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I've tried fiddling around with this but haven't had any luck. The frustrating thing is, the controller board came with a smalle button board for opening the monitor's menu, but it's all in Chinese so I can't make anything out of it.
  9. I own a MKII and a Street Fighter Arcade1Up. The latter I just finished modding. It's running a PC (Intel NUC), Windows 10. When I set my 2 cabinets side by side, the modded one is a LOT dimmer than the original A1Up. I've tried fiddling in the Windows Brightness settings, but it's seem to be at max already. If I up the brightness through the graphics card software, the image will get very ugly. Since the displays are the exactly same I can assume it's the controller board I added to get HDMI to modded cab's display. I was wondering if other people ran into the same problem and if they were able to fix this. In the attached picture the display looks better on the right but IRL the left cabinet is WAY more clear/vibrant.
  10. It's a bit late but I went on vacation and was offline for a good three weeks. Thanks everyone for chipping in. I ended up just installing the regular PC version for MK4 wich works perfect. Most 3D roms i donwloaded from other locations seem to work OK, but I will probably use console/PC versions for those (i.e. Soul Calibur).
  11. In short, i'm building a bartop arcade so I want to get a nice library of arcade games using MAME. I've been doing a lot of research and testing and i'm getting most stuff to work fine. There's some things I just cannot understand. Let me explain; I'm mainly using MAME 0.139b because i've found a good source of ROM's with matching CHD's. I'm also fiddling around with MAME 0.201 because I have downloaded a matching romset, but no CHD's. And I don't know how to find these. Stuff i'm running into: MK4 - in 0.139b the life bars are always empty, some weird visual glitches like black smoke coming off Sub Zero. MK4 - in 0.201 i'm getting a missing CHD error, and I have no idea how to find a CHD for this version. It feels like witchever version I try there's issues to be found. I'ts mainly the 3D games that are giving issues. I've downloaded Soul Calibur versions (and CHD's) nearly hundreds of times but I always get an error. Could someome guide me in the right direction to: A reliable/recent version of MAME with corresponding ROM's and CHD's? Maybe some tips and tricks on how more veteran MAME-users solve these issues. Thanks in advance!
  12. That would be awesome, i still haven’t got any luck trying to get it to work!
  13. Ah that's great! I thought It just didn't save the image. This will make changing the thumbs a lot easier. Thanks!
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