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  1. awesome, thanks Keen to try it on my MK11 themed cab...
  2. Thanks man. As for the button layout, it works for the 5 button cross format for mortal kombat with the run button at your thumb. the last 6 buttons also work for the street fighters. But if your asking about why i have what button where, it was purely for Mortal Kombat 11, but I changed my mind and now need to print little stickers to stick over the button labels. its now LB, X, Y, RB LT, A, B, RT
  3. Good thinking. That worked thanks
  4. Did i spell it wrong? Galaxy S9 Aussie Play Store
  5. Just trying to find the time now to finish wiring everything up. with 3 kids, by the time i get to sit down after work it's bed time 😆
  6. thanks 😀 just goin the backlit marquee, please dont put ideas in my head haha.
  7. Ah I geddit. It creates a playlist with those games in the .xml Thanks... 👍
  8. sorry for the newb question, but how do i use these .xml files?
  9. updates? Would love to try this one out
    Fantastic work. Might just have to use this... Any chance of fixing the link to the Collection?
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