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  1. Thanks man. As for the button layout, it works for the 5 button cross format for mortal kombat with the run button at your thumb. the last 6 buttons also work for the street fighters. But if your asking about why i have what button where, it was purely for Mortal Kombat 11, but I changed my mind and now need to print little stickers to stick over the button labels. its now LB, X, Y, RB LT, A, B, RT
  2. Did i spell it wrong? Galaxy S9 Aussie Play Store
  3. Just trying to find the time now to finish wiring everything up. with 3 kids, by the time i get to sit down after work it's bed time 😆
  4. thanks 😀 just goin the backlit marquee, please dont put ideas in my head haha.
  5. Ah I geddit. It creates a playlist with those games in the .xml Thanks... 👍
  6. sorry for the newb question, but how do i use these .xml files?
  7. updates? Would love to try this one out
  8. Incredible work, thanks so much for your time and dedication
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