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  1. I must have gotten the 11.3 official that was out briefly since I'm not opted into beta builds.
  2. Thank you for your hard work making an invaluable plugin. I have 1167 PC games in my collection with varying degrees of controller support or no controller support this plugin is a godsend.
  3. After further testing it seems to be only LB 11.3 rolled back to 11.2 and SteamLauncher works. In LB version 11.3 the emulator application path is changed to "..\Plugins\SteamLauncher\SteamLauncherProxy.exe" sadly something with the update broke the functionality of the plugin.
  4. Fresh install of LB 11.3 crashes at launch with that version of the dll just generates a blank debug log in the SteamLauncher folder. LaunchBox only launches if there is a config xml in the SteamLauncher folder already without one it pops an error and falls flat on its face with the new alpha build. But with a config xml generated from the beta that is posted for download here version you get the "The file you've specified for the emulator application path was not found" error. If you would like i can post the LaunchBox error that pops up somewhere but it won't be till tomorrow i need to wake
  5. Not sure if the LaunchBox 11.3 update broke something or if I'm just unlucky but decided to try this plugin today for the first time but with it active keep getting the error " The file you've specified for the emulator application path was not found". When i turn SteamLoader to off in the menu all my games launch just fine. Would be awesome if I could get this working it would streamline my control configuration between the emulators and the PC games in my collection. I've tried everything i can think of made sure to install correctly, turned of anti-virus, tried with a new install of LB.
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