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  1. Lahma

    LB API additions time table?

    @Jason Carr Ya, I would love to see these changes implemented in the plugin API whenever you are able to get around to it. It would really open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to implementing additional functionality into my plugin. There is so much more I would love to do, but right now there just isn't a lot more I can do with the current limits of the API. I appreciate all the hard work going into LB. Hopefully we can get some updates to the plugin API soon, making it that much better. Thanks Jason!
  2. Alright, I figured out the issues, and I think I got everything resolved. I just updated the plugin download page with the new version ( If anyone has any problems with it, please let me know. Thanks! Here is a quick link to the new version if you don't want to download it from the official plugin download page: SteamLauncher_0.9.0.5.zip P.S. I also updated the GitHub page for the plugin.
  3. Working on a fix. As has been pretty typical recently, I haven't fixed it as quickly as I intended, but I should hopefully have a fix uploaded soon.
  4. Just see if any existing game/rom you have will launch using SteamLauncher. My LaunchBox is freezing right now when trying to use the plugin. I've been so overwhelmed the last couple of days that I haven't had any time to look into it in detaill. I did briefly attach a debugger to it, and it appears that the general Steam client API hooks are working fine, so that is what led me to believe that it could possibly be something on my system, rather than a problem caused by the recent Steam update. However, like I said, I just looked at it very briefly, so it may still have something to do with the update. If you right click on a game in LaunchBox and click "Launch via Steam", and your LaunchBox freezes, then I will at least know that it is something related to the Steam update. I may still have time to look at it tonight, but I may just wait till tomorrow. Whatever it is, I suspect it isn't going to be anything to complicated to figure out. Thanks for your help!
  5. Can someone else confirm that they are having issues since the latest update as well? I'm fixing to start looking into it, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't some unrelated issue specific to my system.
  6. Looks like the Steam update last night might have broken something in the plugin. I'm looking into it. I'll try to post an update today if I can.
  7. Here you go buddy. Give this one a try. I think it should resolve the issues with relative paths. SteamLauncher_v0.9.0.4_Beta-DLL_Only.zip
  8. Even if Steam did handle relative paths, the paths are relative to the LaunchBox directory, not the Steam directory, so they wouldn't work. So ya, the problem is definitely my plugin. In all instances other than the 'Root folder' ('Start in'), my plugin resolves all relative paths to absolute paths before feeding them to Steam, so its clearly just an oversight on my part (an oversight that I am a bit mystified as to how it hasn't been noticed or reported by anyone thus far). Regardless, I will fix it asap. In fact, I'm going to try to do it right now, and I will post a new release with the changes. I'll report back here as soon as I have the new release uploaded. Thanks for all your help man!
  9. Right click on Sonic Heroes in LaunchBox, and click 'Edit'. Tell me what is the path inside of 'Application Path' under the 'Launcher' tab. Also, tell me what is the path inside of 'Root Folder' under the 'Folder' tab. It appears that my plugin isn't resolving the relative path of the "Start in" directory to an absolute path correctly. Its kind of wild I haven't heard any complaints about this problem previously if that is indeed the issue, but I guess maybe most people are using absolute paths for that particular entry in their pc games. Once you send me back those 2 values, if that is indeed the case, I will fix it asap and upload another beta. Thanks for working with me on this, and sorry my response has been a bit delayed... Just been a bit busy, not to mention I have a serious sinus infection on top of everything else.
  10. I just checked, and all PC games are working fine for me. What exactly is it doing after you click "Launch via Steam"? Is anything happening at all? Go ahead and post your debug log, and I will take a look at it. One thing you can do to check if SteamLauncher is creating the temporary non-Steam shortcut correctly is to open your Steam game library, hover your mouse over "Library", click "HIDDEN", and look for a shortcut named after the last game you tried launching (it will likely be the only hidden Steam shortcut if you've never created any yourself.) By right clicking that shortcut and clicking "Properties", you can check the path, launch parameters, etc, to see if something is wrong. You can even try manually launching the shortcut. Anyways, post the debug logs, and I'll take a look. I gotta admit that I'm a little skeptical that this has anything to do with the plugin, as I haven't changed anything in regards to this functionality, but I suppose its not impossible. Hopefully we can get the problem fixed whatever it is.
  11. Basically anything should launch using SteamLauncher since v0.9.0.2. Have you tried any other PC game besides Silent Hill 2? Its kinda hard to offer any kind of help when the only thing you've provided is "xxxx doesn't work" and you've not provided any debug logs or anything. Also, are you using the beta release I attached to my post 1 or 2 pages back? The release on the main plugin download page will not work currently. The beta release attached to my post should work fine though. One other thing to keep in mind when launching many PC games is escalated privileges. Just like if you try to add a non-Steam game shortcut to Steam manually, and that game requests privilege escalation as soon as it launches, but Steam isn't running escalated, the Steam overlay will not be able to attach to the game. I don't think I've actually come across a single PC game that actually needed admin privileges, but for some inexplicable reason, many publishers enable that flag on their game executables. Unless you want to run LaunchBox and Steam as admin, which I don't suggest, the easiest way around this problem is to launch your game using a command such as this: cmd /min /C "set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start "" "path\to\game.exe"" This will force the game to run with the same privileges as the process that starts it. Let me know if you have success using SteamLauncher (the beta release) with other games, and we can move forward from there to try to troubleshoot Silent Hill 2.
  12. Just out of curiosity, does it also work while using SteamLauncher? Now that I understand RL a bit better, I don't think using RL really negates the usefulness or purpose of using SteamLauncher. RL, or no RL, it still serves the exact same purpose (that is, if the Steam overlay still works). I don't know if RL has some type of controller configuration options built in, but I can confidently say that NOTHING comes close to Steam in that regard. Then again, I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to setting up controller profiles (multi-layered radial menus, custom icons in radial menus, custom mouse click coordinates [for things such as 3DS games' touch menu items], custom gyro triggers, etc). I doubt most people make such thorough use of Steam's endless advanced controller configuration options (though some people even take it much farther - *cough* @cammelspit *cough).
  13. I think maybe you've misunderstood the purpose of this plugin (or maybe not, its kinda hard to tell from your post). The description of the plugin explains it very thoroughly, but the whole idea of this plugin is to allow you to launch any game, emulator/rom combo, or really anything through Steam, without the need to explicitly add any non-Steam shortcuts to Steam. It allows you to right click any game/rom inside of LaunchBox and click "Launch via Steam", and it will automatically launch that game or rom/emulator through Steam with the Steam overlay enabled, at which point you can setup any controller bindings you want, and those bindings will be saved between gaming sessions (and your Steam game library will not be cluttered with hundreds/thousands of shortcuts for all the different roms you play, as the plugin transparently reuses only 1 hidden Steam shortcut for everything it does). You also get the additional benefit of having your Steam status automatically show whatever rom/game you are playing (again, without actually having an explicit non-Steam shortcut setup for that rom/emulator). For example, your status might show "MadK9 is playing 'Super Metroid (SNES)'". Maybe this helps explain a bit better why I was confused about HTPCei's use of RocketLauncher in combination with SteamLauncher. SteamLauncher requires you to click a context menu item for any given rom within LaunchBox itself, and then SteamLauncher handles the launching of games, roms/emus internally (it gets the proper emu/rom paths and command line arguments from LaunchBox, but then it actually utilizes a function in the Steam API to launch the newly reconfigured hidden Steam shortcut). For that reason, I'm not making the connection on how RocketLauncher fits into that equation in any way. I guess it could just be that you have RocketLauncher setup as your emulator within LaunchBox (and then it handles actually launching the correct emulator itself), and therefore SteamLauncher is actually launching RocketLauncher, which then launches the correct emulator/rom. However, if that is the case, I'm surprised with all of that redirection, that any emulator would still open through Steam and actually display the Steam overlay correctly. If it does though, then awesome! Or maybe I've totally misunderstood this whole thing 😄
  14. Being that I am not a user of RocketLauncher, and I know very little about it, I unfortunately probably cannot provide much help. As a result of my lack of knowledge concerning that topic, I don't really understand why you would want to use LaunchBox+RocketLauncher+SteamLauncher. Can you explain to me what the purpose of that workflow is? One thing I can state with certainty is that almost nothing has changed in SteamLauncher between the last release and this beta release. Quite literally the only change is that I'm forcing the code to use a static offset instead of trying to be "smart" about what offset to use. To the end user, the functionality is 100% identical, so if anything broke in your workflow, it should not have anything to do with SteamLauncher. Additionally, SteamLauncher doesn't use or create any environment variables such as "%default emulator%", so that error doesn't have anything to do with SteamLauncher. If there is anything else I can help you with, or any further clarifications I can make for you, just let me know, and I'd be happy to help out however I can.