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  1. Sorry @51mm5, I literally just saw that I had a msg here. I'm not sure I'm understanding what you're asking. Every game that my plugin launches is a "non-Steam" shortcut/game. Are you asking if my plugin can be used outside of LB?
  2. Hey Everyone, just wanted to apologize for taking so long to get this update out. I've just been really overwhelmed with other stuff and I'm implementing a lot of really big changes in the next update.. Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place now since I'm in the middle of implementing these big changes, which makes it really hard to put out a release until I'm finished implementing everything. However, I do have a perfectly working old build which I would be happy to share with anyone who sends me a msg on Steam. There are a lot of people using this build right now without any issues, so if you'd like to use it in the meantime until I'm able to release the update, I would be happy to share it with anyone. My Steam contact info is on the plugin download page. Thanks for bearing with me and having patience!
  3. Quick update: I've got both LB and BB fixed now. I'm working on cleaning up a few other things before I post the new update but if anyone wants to test a debug build of the update right now, hit me up on Steam. It would actually be helpful to have a few people test it out before I post the update officially just to be sure there isn't any major bugs or anything (since I actually had to change quite a bit of code as well as migrate to a new library for this update).
  4. Just wanted to update everyone. I'm still pretty sick (haven't been this sick since I was a kid) but I finally figured out the issue with BigBox. The recent LB/BB update changed the version of a DLL it was using which has caused some unforeseen issues the plugin. I can't really explain why this DLL was updated while none of the other related .NET dlls were (they've been using v4.7 for a very long time and now, only this single DLL has been updated to v5.0 which causes issues because the v5.0 dll expects its own dependencies to be the same version but they aren't.) Regardless, I know what I need to do to fix the problem and I'm working on it now. The entire reason I was relying on the DLLs included with LB/BB instead of including them with the plugin was to save space and so I wouldn't have to start including a bunch of dependencies with the plugin itself. I guess in retrospect it really doesn't make that much of a difference anyways... whats a couple of more files in the zip package (and another couple of MB), right? While I'm at it, I think I'm going to go ahead and port my code to use Microsoft's newer version of this particular dependency. Previously I was using 'System.Management' (WMI) whereas Microsoft now recommends using Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure (MMI). Since I'm having to put the work in anyways, I'm going to go ahead and update things to use this new library. I'll try to get the update out in the next few days if I can. Sorry about the long wait... I definitely wasn't planning on being sick for over a week (I missed this entire week of work and it remains to be seen how much I'm going to miss next week). Thanks for your patience. P.S. If the majority of you use only LaunchBox (as opposed to BigBox) and it would be helpful to have an update the fixes only LB, let me know. I would be happy to share a temporary update that will at least allow y'all to use LB until I get the update out that fixes both.
  5. FYI everyone: I'm aware that the plugin is broken and I've already got LB fixed. Now I'm working on getting BB fixed. I am super sick right now.. Got a fever, sinus infection, etc.. I'm trying to get an update out as quick as possible though.
  6. Hey @rfj831@gmail.com and @JedExodus, sorry for the long delay in responding. I'm looking into the issue with BigBox right now. I have no idea why a minor LB/BB update would break the plugin (and only in BB) but what's new, right? Story of my life... I'll update this post when I know more. Oh, and clearly something has gone wrong if reverting back to the previous version doesn't fix your issue with BB @rfj831@gmail.com... What steps did you take to revert to the previous update?
  7. Hey @51mm5, sorry about the long delay in responding. I've been super busy lately and just haven't had time to check the thread. On the plugin download page, there is info on how to contact me on Steam. I think that would be the easiest and most efficient way to try to figure out what issue you are having. Hit me up and we'll get it sorted out. Being a new user, I suspect the problem is something minor or just a misunderstanding in how things work. Here is a link to the plugin download page which has my Steam contact info:
  8. Hey @rfj831@gmail.com, I tested out Retroarch with the Duckstation core and I'm not having any issues with the Retroarch window losing focus. It is really hard for me to say what it could be without doing some further investigating some of which will require some info from you. For one, do you have "Prevent Steam Focus Stealing" enabled in the SteamLauncher options? Also, are you using Startup, Shutdown, and/or Pause screens in LB? I do all of my testing without Startup/Shutdown screens enabled. When you try other cores in Retroarch, you said you don't experience this same issue, right? You can try enabling debug logging, then run a game with the Duckstation core, then close Retroarch, close LB, and then upload the debug.log file to pastebin and send me the link. Honestly, I'm not sure how much help that will be but it is worth a try. Additionally, if anyone else watching this thread could maybe try out the Duckstation core on Retroarch and let us know if you are or are not having issues with the Retroarch window losing focus, that would be super helpful. Maybe @JedExodus might offer to try it out? Thanks!
  9. Really!? Damn... I already addressed that issue once in the past and it was a total bitch. The reason it was so problematic to fix was because of a bug in Steam's handling of unicode characters. Essentially, Steam would mishandle its interpretation of Windows paths from UTF-16 (which WIndows paths use) to UTF-8 (which Steam uses). As a result, I had to intentionally mangle the path data into an incorrect value so that Steam would then interpret it correctly. Perhaps Steam has finally fixed their bug (after a couple of decades) when they made all of the significant changes to the Steam library and UI. I've moved this issue to the top of my 'to-fix' list along with the issue reported by @rfj831@gmail.com about the Duckstation Retroarch core. Btw @JedExodus, did you ever get the issue resolved that you reported concerning changing your Retroarch core to Beetle? If not, can you give me some additional details? Does changing the core back to the previous core make it start working again? How about trying a different core? I assume you tried restarting LB and Steam and you double checked your emulator and rom paths? Any additional info you can give me that would make it easier to look into would be appreciated.
  10. Hey @rfj831@gmail.com, just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. I'm going to download that core and try to implement a solution for you just as soon as I get a chance. I'm incredibly busy with work stuff at the moment but I will get to it just as soon as I can.
  11. Thanks for the confirmation on that @C-Beats. I couldn't imagine any scenario where that would not be the case. Now that we know that, I can't imagine why the tray icon launch game feature wouldn't be working with the plugin as there should literally be no difference. Guess I'll have to check it out and see what is going on...
  12. Hey there @rfj831@gmail.com, the problem you're experiencing isn't unheard of. No joke, I've probably spent over 40-50 hours working on/tweaking the code for handling window focus. The core of the issue is that I am fighting against LB/BB which is also trying to manage which window is active/focused for both its startup/shutdown windows and the actual game/emulator window. Currently, there is no way to deal with this type of issue in the LB plugin API so I am having to work with/around LB doing its own thing. For the most part, the code as it currently is deals with most situations pretty well but there are certainly edge cases as you've found. One thing that would be really helpful for you to try in order to give me a little more info is trying Retroarch with that same core but without using SteamLauncher. When you do this, is the window focus being handled correctly? I've come across a few instances where LB won't focus the game/emulator window after it starts running and if this happens, it is even less likely that it will work correctly with SteamLauncher. The win32 API for handling window focus/active/z-order is a mess and it can do strange things and work in ways that are simply baffling. If the window focus is working correctly when not using SteamLauncher, I will download the Retroarch core and see if I can fix the issue for you. Just out of curiosity, in Retroarch, are you using windowed mode, windowed fullscreen mode, or fullscreen mode? Also, do you know what video driver you are using?
  13. Hmm... I can think of a possible cause for this.. Let me take a look at the code and I'll get back to you.
  14. Ah ok.. I understand now. Unfortunately, if the plugin isn't working when you click the system tray option to launch one of your recently played games, I doubt there is going to be anything I can do about that. My plugin hooked into LB's 'PlayGame' (can't remember exactly what its called off the top of my head) so if that function and its related callbacks aren't being called by LB, there probably isn't anything I can do about it. I can't conceive of any reason why launching a game through the tray icon wouldn't call the same exact function as double clicking a title in LB itself or why doing so wouldn't invoke the plugin API callbacks but it sounds like that is likely the issue. I will check it out to be sure and if it is indeed the case, I will shoot a msg to the devs and see if we can't get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know about the new feature (and the problem with it) @Nokiaman. @fromlostdays, I will try to reproduce the issue according the instructions you supplied. Thanks for the info.
  15. Tray icon? Obviously I'm not up to date on this new feature. Care to explain how it works? Also... why would you want to launch a game via LB through a tray icon? Surely I must be missing something...
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