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  1. For anyone else looking for the current alpha, you can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nsUnrk67ChsnvXxfoOUr-sM6GR12WgSm/view?usp=sharing
  2. Try using the new alpha that I haven't posted publically. It should most likely fix any issues you have. If it doesn't, hit me up on Steam and I would be happy to help you out. You can find details on how to add me on Steam by looking at the plugin download page: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nsUnrk67ChsnvXxfoOUr-sM6GR12WgSm/view?usp=sharing By the way, just for future reference, any problems should be reported in the plugin support thread as it is very easy for me to miss messages posted as comments and/or reviews. You can find the plugin support thread here:
  3. I can send you a current debug build if you'd like. Just shoot me a PM and I'll send you a link.
  4. Is anyone here good at graphics/art design or know anyone who is who might want to help contribute to the plugin? I think I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and release the 1.0 version of the plugin, as I've put a whole lot of work into cleaning things up, optimizing code, fixing bugs, adding new features, etc, so I think the plugin is finally in a state worthy of calling it a non-beta release. Thing is, I'd really like to create a set of logo/icons for the plugin that give it that last bit of polish/shine, but unfortunately, I am miserably bad at art/creative-design. While I know my way around Photoshop to a fair degree, I just don't think I have the creativity needed to accomplish what I'm trying to do. What I've been trying so far is to create an amalgamation of both the Steam logo and the LaunchBox logo, but its not going so well... Thought it was at least worth asking around if someone in the community might be willing to contribute some of their talent to the project. Thanks!
  5. Just an FYI, if anyone wants a debug build of the plugin (title problem fixed among other things) prior to the public release, hit me up on Steam, and I would be happy to send it to you. I'm getting close to finishing up with the changes I want to complete before pushing out a public build though, so it shouldn't be much longer.
  6. I knew there had to be a good reason for doing so I assume this is to prevent situations such as in Windows File Explorer where a file such as "pic11.jpg" will sorted/shown prior to "pic2.jpg"? Regardless, thanks for the input!
  7. So it turns out that the issue with strange extraneous numbers being displayed in a game's title has nothing to do with any changes made by Valve. Instead, the culprit this time is LaunchBox. For a game's title, I was using the property named "SortTitleOrTitle" instead of the more obvious, "Title". For many games (at least previously), there was no difference between the 2. The only instance where they would be different is when a title started with "The", "A", or some other word that you would want to filter out as far as sorting goes. For example, the game "The Lost Vikings 2" would have the following properties: SortTitleOrTitle: "Lost Vikings 2" Title: "The Lost Vikings 2" I can't remember now exactly why I switched over to using 'SortTitleOrTitle' instead of 'Title', but I do remember specifically changing which property I was using in a previous update. Again, I just can't remember why I did it now as using 'Title' certainly seems to be the more obvious choice. Anyways, moving on... For some reason, the LaunchBox devs have changed the way that 'SortTitleOrTitle' is formatted. They are now formatting any numbers inside of the title as some type of float value but padding out the values on the left hand side with zeros. It now looks like this: Old 'SortTitleOrTitle': "Lost Vikings 2" New 'SortTitleOrTitle': "Lost Vikings 0000000002.0000000000" I'm not sure why they are doing this, but I'm sure they have a good reason for doing so. I doubt they ever intended for the sort title to be used for display anyways. Long story short, I'm going to change the plugin to go back to using 'Title' instead which should fix this problem. Users should be aware though that this can result in any controller profiles previously customized/assigned to a specific title not to show up automatically when the game is launched using the new version of the plugin. Steam decides what controller profile is assigned to which game based on the title of the game so if you previously had setup a controller profile for "Lost Vikings 0000000002.0000000000" (or even "Lost Vikings 2"), whenever you go to launch the same game with the updated plugin the title will now be changed to "The Lost Vikings 2" and any controller assigned to the previous title will not be automatically loaded. I would suggest therefore specifically saving any controller profiles that you think might be affected by this change so that you can manually load them whenever you launch the game with the new plugin version. I'm looking into some other reported issues as well as making some additional quality of life changes to the plugin before I release the update, but it should not be much longer (famous last words, right?).
  8. I've also noticed this behavior and I will be fixing it in the next update. For more details see my previous post:
  9. Hey @imbrock , I'm glad my plugin has proven to be so useful to you! We definitely don't have a large user base but the reason I made the plugin, and why I maintain it, is for the users who do find it so essential to their gaming "workflow" (including myself). I apologize for not having maintained it as well as I would like to these past months but hopefully with all the craziness going on right now in the world, I think I'm going to have a good chunk of time to commit to pushing out a new update. Your assumption about how the proxy works is mostly correct. The process by which the plugin accomplishes this is a bit complicated, containing many exceptions, edge cases, and workarounds, but I really thought I had eliminated the possibility of this happening... The plugin swaps the application path for only a matter of milliseconds and it stores the original application path in a file in case the plugin, Steam, and/or LaunchBox crashes within that millisecond window... If that happens, the plugin is supposed to restore the original path upon next startup immediately. Obviously there is something wonky going on there and this certainly isn't the 1st time that PCSX2 has caused problems not seen in any other emulator/game. I've added this to my list of bugs to resolve and as long as I can replicate the problem, I will have it fixed in the next update. Could you possibly give me a bit more info concerning the problem? Does it seem to occur occasionally regardless of the rom or does it seem to only happen with specific roms? Also, it might be helpful to get a debug log from you that records the bug occurring. I will try it out myself 1st though and if I'm having problems replicating the behavior, I'll ask you for a debug log then. Windows Store (UWP) games cause problems with everything.. and for a good reason.. The UWP architecture is complicated and bizarre in the way that it operates and it seems to be that way for no good reason at all. I use GlosC with a couple of Windows Store games but even that solution has some problems, so I generally just don't use the Steam overlay with Windows Store games. There are a number of ways we could accomplish what you desire (preventing the plugin from activating on specific titles only without having to turn it off globally). I could add an option for disabling the plugin with Windows Store games as it should be easy to determine which games are UWP titles as they don't point to an EXE but instead point to a Windows Store package name (such as "Microsoft.Patagonia_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App"). Additionally (or in place of), I could also implement a feature for adding specific game exceptions in the settings file which would always be ignored by the plugin (causing them to be run normally without the plugin intervening). The next release should have a GUI window for managing all of the plugin settings that you would normally have to manage by altering the settings file in a text editor. That would make it pretty easy to add exceptions if we went that route. If you have a preference on how you would prefer this be implemented, let me know (both options should be pretty easy so we might just do both). Ramblings by me about how insane the UWP/Windows Store app architecture is (I moved it down here since nobody probably wants to hear me ramble on anyways): Did you know that Windows Store games actually run/operate from a hidden virtual disk volume? Sure, you can see the game files in the WindowsApps folder (if you take ownership of it), but Microsoft actually mounts that data in a hidden volume prior to running the app. This has a lot of weird implications that can cause all sorts of problems. For example, if you run Windows Firewall in the mode where it blocks all outgoing traffic by default, allowing outgoing traffic only from apps you've specifically designated a rule for, you cannot create an allow rule for a Windows Store game by simply selecting its exe from the game directory inside of the WindowsApps folder... It simply won't work. Even stranger, Microsoft has implemented a feature in Windows Firewall for selecting UWP apps in a different way (by providing their package name) yet using this feature to add an allow rule for a Windows Store game will not work when your firewall is set to block all outgoing traffic by default. The ONLY way to create a working allow rule is to use a 3rd party disk management utility to mount the hidden virtual volume (called XVD) that is created by Windows to a drive letter and then create a rule using the game executable located within that volume.
  10. Just wanted to update the thread and let everyone know I'm looking into the reported issues. The strange behavior where certain titles are having extra zeroes inserted into their title in Steam is definitely a new issue and it has to be related to something that Steam changed on their end. If I had to take a random guess, I would bet that it is related to Steam FINALLY fixing a unicode encoding bug that has been present in Steam for many, many years (maybe even a decade). I had to implement a workaround in the plugin in order to have certain strings properly encoded/decoded (Steam uses UTF8 internally) and if Steam did actually finally fix the bug, I suspect my workaround is what is now causing this strange behavior. Being that I have some new additions to the plugin only partially implemented right now, its going to make it a little tricky for me to implement a quick fix for a bug like this as I would have to implement it in an older version of the source code and then when I finish the additions, I would have to port it forward to the current version. Ideally, it would be best to just finish these couple of additions and implement the bug fixes simultaneously and just do one release. Let me figure out if my assumption about the problem is correct and then I will decide what to do about pushing out a fix. P.S. If there are any other fixes, additions, or suggestions you would like implemented in the next release, now is the time to speak up!
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to write a quick post to let you guys know I am back online. I've been rebuilding my rig and have been out of commission for a few weeks. I've finally gotten things mostly back up and running and got Steam reinstalled a couple of days ago. @The_Keeper86 messaged me on Steam and notified me that there was some new activity on the plugin support thread (I swear I didn't get email notifications.. although I bet if I check, they will be buried somewhere amongst my much too numerous emails). I haven't even read the new posts since my last post yet as I am in a hurry to run do some service calls but when I get back, I will read the posts and personally respond to all of them. Talk to y'all a bit later this evening. Again, sorry for my extended absence. I promise I have not forgotten about the plugin! I just wanted to add one thing: I encourage any of you having issues, suggestions, or think you might have any valuable insights for me to add me on Steam and shoot me a message. I'm always available for any of the users of my plugin and I would love talking with all of you. I think all of my Steam info is on the plugin download page but if you need further info to add me, just let me know. Its been a long day, but I'm still going to try to catch up on the thread tonight or possibly first thing in the morning.
  12. Indeed. Unfortunately, much of the Library management API/storage has been moved into the java/web portion of the UI. The way they've done things is legitimately bat-shit insane but what can you do, ya know? Just 1 example (promise not to ramble here), all of the old IClientShortcuts API still exists and still modifies shortcuts.vdf as expected (user tags, hidden status, etc), but the Steam UI simply ignores the shortcuts.vdf file for many of the fields/values now (although not all of them... the primary fields are still stored in the shortcuts.vdf file, such as name, exe path, cmd line, etc). Furthermore, where all the new stuff is being stored (mostly values related to the new "Collections"), it looks like it is going to be really tricky to try to modify while Steam is running (due to it caching values and overwriting changes with the cache if you try to modify things live). I was pretty convinced that there had to be a new back-end interface/API for handling this stuff outside of the web code but if there is, I certainly haven't found it...
  13. Damndest thing.. Thought I heard someone say my name..
  14. Guys, I swear I haven't forgotten about y'all lol... Life has been crazy these last few weeks... Seeing as getting an official update out is taking a, quite frankly, ridiculous amount of time, please use this temporary release in the meantime. I compiled it the other day for someone specifically, but as far as I'm aware, it is working perfectly. Again, I'm really sorry for taking so long with this... I'm doing my best given the craziness life has thrown at me in recent days. It would be super useful if y'all could give me any feedback with this unofficial release before I actually post the official one. Please let me know if you have any problems. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14MKAQ-nAi4g9LaDnGHCY13i0U-J1Z6sj
  15. Just wanted to let you guys know I got the plugin fixed and 100% working with Steam stable and the Steam beta. I just need to cleanup my code a bit and compile a new release. I will try to get it pushed out later today (tomorrow for me.. it is 5am and I still haven't gone to bed) if possible.
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