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  1. I must apologize again for taking so long to release this next update. I probably got a little over-ambitious, and I probably should have released the update with only the bug fixes and updates for the currently implemented features. Unfortunately when I started, I didn't know how much work it was going to be to implement support for DOSBox/ScummVM with the new "Universal Steam Launching" feature. Turns out, because of the way DOSBox/ScummVM support is implemented in LaunchBox, it required a LOT of weird workarounds to get working with this new methodology that I implemented in the last beta release. Thankfully, it does appear that I have it working now, and I'm not going to mess with it much more before I release the update. The DOSBox/ScummVM support will remain in a "beta state" for this next update, while everything else will be in a much more finished/polished state. I literally just got back home after being out of town for almost 2 weeks, and I'm leaving town again tomorrow (but just for the weekend). I THINK I will be able to have the update ready to push out at the beginning of next week if all goes well. Again, I'm really sorry for the long wait, but it should be worth it... I've fixed a lot of small bugs and annoyances. Thanks for the patience everyone!
  2. I just wanted to give everyone a status update concerning the next update. I expected to have it out MUCH sooner, but I ran into a few bumps in the road when implementing support for DOSBox and ScummVM using the new universal Steam launching feature. I think I've gotten it all sorted out now, and I'm mostly working on cleaning up the implementation. I've fixed a lot of bugs (such as launching native Steam games through LB/BB), and I've completely eliminated the issue that some people were having where their emulator(s) path(s) could get corrupted on the first run. I'm a bit busy at the moment as I'm leaving town tomorrow, but when I get to my destination, I am going to try to finish up the final edits on the update so I can get it pushed out asap. As always, I will update the forum thread whenever I release the update. Thanks for the patience!
  3. This is a problem with the current version of the plugin. I already have the problem fixed, so it will be in the next release of the plugin. Before pushing out another update, I'm trying to implement a number of other fixes, but I should have a new update posted pretty soon. In the meantime, the easiest way to bypass this problem is to just temporarily disable SteamLauncher via the "Tools" menu item before launching a Steam game. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't I already talk to you on Steam about this @ayrehead? Not that it is a big deal if I did, but I'm just trying to resolve who is who since I get confused whenever a user's Steam alias doesn't match their forum alias. Edit: Turns out I was wrong and was getting @ayrehead mixed up with someone else. @ayrehead did message me on Steam though, so I'm continuing this dialog with him over Steam messaging.
  4. I think anyone who was having problems with PCSX2 configurator resolved the problem after fixing their paths and restarting LaunchBox/Steam, so I don't think there is any specific issue with it. I am very interested to hear your results with Parsec. I personally have no experience using Parsec, but it definitely looks like it has a lot of potential (although they probably just got the worst news of their company's lifetime due to Google's announcement of Stadia this week). If I had to guess (and this is just a pure guess), I don't think you should probably have any controller input conflicts while using the Steam overlay since it simply emulates a normal xinput controller at the system level. Since I don't know how Parsec works though, I may be entirely wrong on that. If you do have problems with it, you may be able to get around the issues by using something such as lemasato's Non-Steam-Overlay-Manager utility or Alia5's GloSC utility. Please share your results! I would be down to try out some Parsec Netplay just to see how it performs. Are you in the US, and if so, what general area (wondering for latency purposes)?
  5. That is great news! Sorry about the problem with it editing your emulator paths. I should have a new release pushed out soon that will prevent that problem from occurring for any new users. Thankfully though, I haven't heard of the issue reoccurring for anyone once they fixed the paths initially. Thanks for sharing your experience with the new beta. Please let me know if you come across any other issues.
  6. Since I don't use PCSX2 configurator, I have not tried it with my plugin, but using the new functionality (turning the universal launching feature on in the tools menu, NOT using the game context menu item "Launch via Steam"), there is no reason that it should not work (that is, if while using PCSX2 configurator, launching games in LB works normally and startup/shutdown screens work normally). If PCSX2 configurator uses a "launcher" exe to launch games, then this could be the cause of the problem. There is however an undocumented function in the plugin to deal with this exact scenario, and it only requires a quick, simple edit to the config.xml file. I would be happy to explain how to do this. Just hit me up on Steam... Or, if you'd prefer not to msg on Steam, let me know, and I can explain it here or on a PM.
  7. Ya, thats what I was going to tell you... There is some issue with the plugin that is causing it to change emulator/game paths under VERY specific circumstances (your case is the 1st that I've heard of where it changed more than 1 emulator/game path). Everyone who has had it happen has not had it happen again, even once, after fixing the paths the first time, so I'm kinda perplexed as to the cause of the issue. I've implemented a fix in a more recent unpublished version of the plugin to prevent it from ever changing any game/emulator path to the Steam executable so that it won't happen anymore, but I'm still curious as to the cause. If you've fixed the problem now, and it isn't occurring anymore, then enabling debug logging now and sending me the logs probably isn't going to be too useful. If you want to send them over though, I will still gladly take a look and see if I can glean any useful information from them.
  8. Hey @HTPCei, I probably know exactly what your issue is. Hit me up on Steam and I will tell you how to fix your problem in about 2 min flat. Send Friend Request to lahma0 (steam://friends/add/76561198237461630) You could actually be of a lot of help to me if you have just a couple of min to help me out. Although I know how to fix your problem (and its really simple), if you could do me a huge favor and turn on debug logging in the plugin and send me a copy of your logs (while the problem is still occurring), it might help me track down WHY this problem is occurring. I think I've already implemented a fix for this issue in a newer non-public build of the plugin, but its been driving me a bit crazy not knowing what caused it in the first place... So, you could really help satiate my curiosity in that regard 😁
  9. Just a note to myself for future reference that I talked to this guy on Steam and we resolved the problem he was having.
  10. Just a quick FYI: If you have ANY problems with the plugin, I want to know about them, and I would be happy to personally help resolve the issues. While you are free to post here on the plugin thread or send me a PM, the most effective/fastest way to speak with me personally is via Steam. If I am at my computer, I will answer your message immediately. My Steam alias is lahma0. You can click on my alias to open my Steam profile to add me as a friend, or you can click the following link: Send Friend Request to lahma0 (steam://friends/add/76561198237461630)
  11. Great! I'm really looking forward to hearing your feedback. Despite there having been around 15 downloads since I posted it nearly 24 hours ago, I haven't personally heard from anyone as to whether it is working for them or not. It would be great to hear from at least a couple of people about their experience with it.
  12. I just wanted to let everyone know that the beta is up. I actually posted the file a few hours ago, but I just got done updating the associated documentation. Please let me know how you like it or if you have any problems with it! If you want to back up your existing "SteamLauncher" directory prior to installing the beta, MAKE SURE you do NOT leave it inside of the "Plugins" directory OR ANYWHERE ELSE within the directory structure of LaunchBox.. Move it outside of the LaunchBox directory entirely.. Strictly speaking, you probably do not have to delete your existing config.xml file, but if you have any problems, make sure to try deleting your old config.xml file first, and then run LaunchBox again (it will create a new config.xml file when the plugin loads.) I'm looking forward to hearing yall's input! If you have ANY problems with the plugin, I want to know about them. While you are free to post here on the plugin thread or send me a PM, the most effective/fastest way to speak with me personally is via Steam. If I am at my computer, I will answer your message immediately. My Steam alias is lahma0. You can click on my alias to open my Steam profile to add me as a friend, or you can click the following link: Send Friend Request to lahma0 (steam://friends/add/76561198237461630) Let me say one more thing, just to head off any potential problems. In order to activate the new features included with the beta, you will first have to activate the plugin. These instructions are in the documentation, but I will repost them here for convenience: In LaunchBox, this toggle can be found at the bottom of the “Tools” menu. In BigBox, this toggle can be found near the bottom of the root system menu (go back one level after starting BigBox). The new functionality is OFF by default. To turn it ON, simply click the menu item. When enabled, the menu item text will end with “(ON)” as displayed in the image below. When this option is turned ON, the old plugin’s “Launch via Steam” context menu item will be unavailable. LaunchBox BigBox
  13. I'm working hard, as I post this, to get the beta out to y'all. Sorry its taking a little longer than I expected. I unexpectedly had to go out of town for about a day and a half, so that kind of put me behind schedule a bit.
  14. Thanks for the kind words and the show of appreciation. Knowing that the plugin is useful to someone, even if its just 1 or 2 people, is motivation enough for me 😄 Since it appears that at least a couple of you are eager to check out the new version, I think I'm going to change up my release plans a bit. Instead of stressing over getting the initial release as close to perfection as possible, I think I'm going to post a beta for those of you who are interested. @cammelspit has been doing a lot of testing for me, and he has had really good results thus far, with only a few extreme edge cases causing minor issues. I'm going to fix a couple of issues quick I've noted on my "to-fix" list, ask @cammelspit if there is any minor issues he thinks should be fixed before releasing a beta, and then I will compile a beta for you guys. It would actually be really useful to get feedback from y'all if you come across any problems, and it could potentially help make the final release that much more stable. I'll try my best to get the beta out for y'all in the next day or 2... maybe sooner. Thanks again for the interest and support guys.
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