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  1. Indeed. Unfortunately, much of the Library management API/storage has been moved into the java/web portion of the UI. The way they've done things is legitimately bat-shit insane but what can you do, ya know? Just 1 example (promise not to ramble here), all of the old IClientShortcuts API still exists and still modifies shortcuts.vdf as expected (user tags, hidden status, etc), but the Steam UI simply ignores the shortcuts.vdf file for many of the fields/values now (although not all of them... the primary fields are still stored in the shortcuts.vdf file, such as name, exe path, cmd line, etc). Furthermore, where all the new stuff is being stored (mostly values related to the new "Collections"), it looks like it is going to be really tricky to try to modify while Steam is running (due to it caching values and overwriting changes with the cache if you try to modify things live). I was pretty convinced that there had to be a new back-end interface/API for handling this stuff outside of the web code but if there is, I certainly haven't found it...
  2. Damndest thing.. Thought I heard someone say my name..
  3. Guys, I swear I haven't forgotten about y'all lol... Life has been crazy these last few weeks... Seeing as getting an official update out is taking a, quite frankly, ridiculous amount of time, please use this temporary release in the meantime. I compiled it the other day for someone specifically, but as far as I'm aware, it is working perfectly. Again, I'm really sorry for taking so long with this... I'm doing my best given the craziness life has thrown at me in recent days. It would be super useful if y'all could give me any feedback with this unofficial release before I actually post the official one. Please let me know if you have any problems. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14MKAQ-nAi4g9LaDnGHCY13i0U-J1Z6sj
  4. Just wanted to let you guys know I got the plugin fixed and 100% working with Steam stable and the Steam beta. I just need to cleanup my code a bit and compile a new release. I will try to get it pushed out later today (tomorrow for me.. it is 5am and I still haven't gone to bed) if possible.
  5. If you search online, you will find that there are very mixed reports. Some people such as yourself are seeing absolutely no problems while others are experiencing boatloads of issues. Actually, it might be useful to get some info from you @JedExodus... Approximately how many non-Steam shortcuts do you currently have in your Steam client? How many normal Steam shortcuts (Steam games)? It would actually be super useful to me if I could get you to run a little Steam API troubleshooter utility that I made to see if you experience the same issues with the Steam API that I am seeing. If you wouldn't mind helping me out for a min when you have some free time, hit me up on Steam. It should only take a few min.
  6. Well I'm glad to hear that it is not just me... I mean, it is such a broken mess that it is utterly laughable. Any changes made to the library through the API properly update the shortcuts.vdf file as they should, but those changes aren't reflected in the interface AT ALL, period... even after restarting Steam!! I don't even know how that is possible... Steam should have to read the shortcuts.vdf file to build the library UI when it is starting up, but its like it just completely ignores it and is getting its data from elsewhere. It is super bizarre...
  7. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I finally got back home yesterday, but now I have family in town staying at my house until tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to get something pushed out tomorrow after they leave, but I don't want to make any promises. P.S. One of the problems I'm still dealing with is this new Steam Library is buggy as hell.. like really bad.. I can't even scroll down my games list without the interface soft crashing, turning black, and reloading. It seems like it does this every time if I scroll too fast, whereas if I scroll really slowly, it seems to happen less often. And that is just one of many other problems..
  8. For the time being (until I get the update pushed out), I think it works as long as you launch the game twice (it launches the correct game the 2nd time).
  9. So @cammelspit just notified me that the new Library update came out of beta so I imagine many of you are having problems with the plugin since I haven't released a new update yet. I have the plugin mostly fixed for the new library, but I just haven't had time to release an update yet. I'm out of town right now, but I should be home tomorrow. I'm going to try to get an update pushed out asap. Sorry about the long delay on this update. I'm really kind of ashamed how long I've taken on this one... but I promise a fix is coming.
  10. I don't think it is going to be any big deal (I certainly hope not), but honestly it was kind of the last thing I was expecting. I thought after I had FINALLY figured out a reliable, update-proof method of finding the pointers/vtable offsets I needed that would not have to be worrying about updates too much anymore. Definitely didn't expect Valve to be implementing a complete redesign/overhaul of the game library functionality... I think I probably rely on my own plugin just as much as anyone else though so it is imperative for my own use that I fix it I've been a bit busy, but I think I'm going to look at it tonight. I'll keep the thread updated.
  11. New Steam Beta Causing Issues with SteamLauncher A new Steam beta client has been released which completely overhauls the Steam 'Library' API/GUI and because it has significantly changed the way that some things work internally, it is causing some weird issues with the plugin. I don't entirely understand what is going on yet but the behavior that I'm seeing is that whenever I launch a game, the correct game name (name of the game I just chose to launch) will be shown in my 'Currently Playing' status but instead of that game actually being launched, the previous game that successfully launched will be launched instead. It appears that if you close the incorrectly launched game and try to launch the correct game again that it will then work on the 2nd try... Again, I don't understand why this is happening yet, but I am looking into. Until I get things fixed, your best bet is to just switch to the non-beta Steam client. I will update this thread when I know more. P.S. Just wanted to say thanks to @ZinoPrimo for contacting me on Steam and helping me troubleshoot things. He has been very patient and willing to spend time time helping me troubleshoot things. Now that I've figured out that the issue is not related to his setup but is instead related to using the new beta, hopefully I won't need to bug him anymore.
  12. Just an FYI, if anyone is having any issues with the Steam overlay not showing up and/or your Guide/PS button not bringing up the overlay, take a look at your Steam client settings and make sure that your settings look like this: This is probably more applicable to those running dInput controllers (such as Playstation/DualShock controllers), but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks to @The_Keeper86 for messaging me about this problem. It took a couple of days to figure out what the problem was, but thankfully we were finally able to narrow it down to this. I think one of these settings was added/changed/reset a couple of Steam updates ago.
  13. I've experienced the taskbar issue frequently on Windows 10 and as far as I'm aware it is a Windows 10 bug that still has yet to be sorted out. If you Google the issue, you will find tons of threads on the issue. Personally, I've never figured out what circumstances cause it on my machine... Although if I'm being completely honest, I don't see the issue very often.
  14. @HTPCei, if you get a chance to do some more testing and can narrow down or better describe the issue you are having, I'd be glad to help if there is something I can do. As I just explained to @JedExodus however, I did a bunch of testing today and couldn't reproduce any of the issues either of you were describing. I'm on the latest version of Steam and LaunchBox, and I'm running MSI Afterburner (including RivaTuner) and DisplayFusion. Additionally, I'm running a rather unconventional triple monitor setup (see picture below) and besides the rare occasion when I see the issue I described in my previous post, everything seems to be running well on my end. Perhaps you could check your startup/shutdown/pause screen settings to see if they match the screenshots I provided in my response to @JedExodus?
  15. So I did some testing with LaunchBox and BigBox @JedExodus and unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce the problem you were experiencing. I have startup/shutdown/pause screens enabled with default settings. I tried a bunch of different emulators+rom combinations, as well as PC games, with both LaunchBox and BigBox, and in all cases, the startup and shutdown screens were working exactly as intended (no weird behavior with shutdown screen being out of place in window order and such). Have you had a chance to mess around with the problem any more (outside of just disabling startup screens)? One thing to be aware of is that every time LaunchBox updates, for some strange reason it completely resets your startup/shutdown/pause screen settings... This has already caused me problems on multiple occasions, so if you started having problems immediately after updating LaunchBox, it could definitely be related to that. FYI, here are my startup/shutdown/pause screen settings (although I'm pretty sure these are just the default values):
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