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  1. Just an FYI, if anyone is having any issues with the Steam overlay not showing up and/or your Guide/PS button not bringing up the overlay, take a look at your Steam client settings and make sure that your settings look like this: This is probably more applicable to those running dInput controllers (such as Playstation/DualShock controllers), but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks to @The_Keeper86 for messaging me about this problem. It took a couple of days to figure out what the problem was, but thankfully we were finally able to narrow it down to this. I think one of these settings was added/changed/reset a couple of Steam updates ago.
  2. I've experienced the taskbar issue frequently on Windows 10 and as far as I'm aware it is a Windows 10 bug that still has yet to be sorted out. If you Google the issue, you will find tons of threads on the issue. Personally, I've never figured out what circumstances cause it on my machine... Although if I'm being completely honest, I don't see the issue very often.
  3. @HTPCei, if you get a chance to do some more testing and can narrow down or better describe the issue you are having, I'd be glad to help if there is something I can do. As I just explained to @JedExodus however, I did a bunch of testing today and couldn't reproduce any of the issues either of you were describing. I'm on the latest version of Steam and LaunchBox, and I'm running MSI Afterburner (including RivaTuner) and DisplayFusion. Additionally, I'm running a rather unconventional triple monitor setup (see picture below) and besides the rare occasion when I see the issue I described in my previous post, everything seems to be running well on my end. Perhaps you could check your startup/shutdown/pause screen settings to see if they match the screenshots I provided in my response to @JedExodus?
  4. So I did some testing with LaunchBox and BigBox @JedExodus and unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce the problem you were experiencing. I have startup/shutdown/pause screens enabled with default settings. I tried a bunch of different emulators+rom combinations, as well as PC games, with both LaunchBox and BigBox, and in all cases, the startup and shutdown screens were working exactly as intended (no weird behavior with shutdown screen being out of place in window order and such). Have you had a chance to mess around with the problem any more (outside of just disabling startup screens)? One thing to be aware of is that every time LaunchBox updates, for some strange reason it completely resets your startup/shutdown/pause screen settings... This has already caused me problems on multiple occasions, so if you started having problems immediately after updating LaunchBox, it could definitely be related to that. FYI, here are my startup/shutdown/pause screen settings (although I'm pretty sure these are just the default values):
  5. `I am an ardent DisplayFusion user so that could be related to the issue I was describing as well.
  6. I run a triple monitor setup and I have occasionally noticed a very strange behavior where LaunchBox will move its "blackout" window over to my left side monitor post-launch (as opposed to my center monitor where LaunchBox is at). It only happens occasionally and it doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason. The strange thing is, this can't be caused directly by the plugin as it doesn't implement any type of function that would move this window... Seeing as I only use LaunchBox with my plugin enabled, I wouldn't know whether this happens without my plugin enabled or not (although I suspect it doesn't). If this does only happen with the plugin enabled, then there is something strange going on in regards to some type of interaction between LaunchBox and the plugin, as I can assure you that my plugin is definitely not directly moving this window between monitors. Perhaps this behavior is totally unrelated to what you guys are talking about though... I just thought I would mention it since it sounds like it could be somehow related. Honestly, its surprising to me that I got the startup/shutdown screens to work with the plugin as well as they have been (I've literally spent probably more time dealing with these window-related and/or startup/shutdown screen issues than the time spent on development of the entire plugin)... There are just so many conflicting things going on between the plugin and LaunchBox (it is doing everything it can to manage window focus and window switching while I'm trying to negate what its doing to handle it in the plugin)... and that is only one side of the coin... The other big issue is all of the different full screen, borderless full screen, hybrid full screen, etc modes that any given game or emulator can be using and the truly strange implications those can have when calling standard Windows API functions to manage their windows.
  7. Lol, no worries man. It is entirely possible that it is a problem with the plugin. I've unfortunately been too busy to look at it yet, but I will let you know what I found out as soon as I get a chance.
  8. I'm running the most recent release of MSI Afterburner/RIVA Tuner, so I doubt that is part of the problem. I don't use Touchmote, so I'm not sure on that one. It is kind of strange that you are seeing problems with BigBox only... The launch process with the plugin is essentially identical between LaunchBox and BigBox, so I'm trying to think of what could cause issues with only one and not the other...
  9. Hey @JedExodus, I haven't heard about problems from anyone else yet, but I will try to investigate the issues you are having sometime today if I can. I have a bit of a busy day, but hopefully I should have a bit of free time tonight. I will let you know what I find out. By the way, have you checked your global LaunchBox/BigBox startup/shutdown screen settings? One frequent issue I have is that every time LaunchBox updates, my startup/shutdown/pause screen settings get reset. Then again, I almost never use BigBox, so it is entirely likely that a problem with BigBox specifically could easily escape my notice. I'll let you know what I find out.
  10. I just wanted to note here that we did resolve the problems that @Krovash was having (or rather he resolved the problem while we were trying to troubleshoot the issue). Turns out the issue was Acronis True Image 2019 (Build 17750). It has a feature called "Acronis Active Protection" which was preventing "SteamLauncherProxy.exe" from being able to start. As soon as he disabled it, the plugin started working.
  11. No worries, we will get it resolved. Damn Steam chat... It just randomly signs you out of chat with no good reason and it stays logged out until you eventually realize its signed out (which in my case could be days) and manually hit the button to sign back in... Back to the topic at hand, I'm on Steam and I am not seeing a new friend request. Maybe double check that you actually sent it? Is your Steam alias the same as your forum name?
  12. As always, I appreciate you offering up your help @JedExodus. A bit coincidental I was unknowingly replying at almost the exact same time you were. I suspect that your short, concise piece of advice might end up being more valuable than my long rambling post. Hopefully one of our posts can help @Krovash figure out what the problem is.
  13. @Krovash, sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I've been out of town for work and just got home. I suspect the problem you're having can be solved very easily with a little bit of careful troubleshooting. Let me start by saying that using the old context menu option "Launch via Steam" is deprecated and no longer supported. Its functionality is still present and while I'm sure it still technically works, there is simply no longer any valid reason to use it as the new "automatic mode" (as you called it) is easier, more extensible (works with non-default emulators), and MUCH more technically adept. The legacy context menu option will probably be removed entirely on the next update. So, with that being said, we clearly need to get the new launching method working for you, and I would be happy to help you troubleshoot the problem. Most issues can be resolved by carefully reading the notes and instructions present on the download page so it might be worth looking over that info again just to make sure you didn't miss anything. For example, is your plugin installed in the correct location ("LaunchBox\Plugins\SteamLauncher\SteamLauncher.dll") along with all of the other files that come in the rar file? I suggest that you first try completely deleting your SteamLauncher directory and then reinstalling the newest version of the plugin by exactly following the install instructions. Another very common issue (despite very explicit warnings about it on the plugin download page) is people having multiple copies of the plugin present in the LaunchBox directory. This happens often when people are updating to a newer version and want to backup their old version. Instead of moving their old SteamLauncher directory to another directory on their hard drive (such as the desktop), they instead rename their old "SteamLauncher" directory to "SteamLauncher.OLD", they move the "SteamLauncher" directory into their root LaunchBox directory, they move it into another folder they've created such as "LaunchBox\Plugins.OLD\SteamLauncher", or they simply rename their old "SteamLauncher.dll" to something else such as "SteamLauncher.OLD.dll". Simply stated, if you simultaneously have 2 copies of the plugin dll ANYWHERE within the LaunchBox directory structure (inside of the "LaunchBox" root directory or any of its subdirectories), the plugin will NOT work and you will have VERY strange problems. If the new launching method still isn't working for you after trying all of the above, you'll need to turn on debug logging so that the plugin can output info to a text file for troubleshooting purposes. There are clear, easy-to-follow instructions on the plugin download page that explain how to do this (look under the section titled 'Debug Logs'). Although you are free to post your debug log in this thread (don't directly copy/paste it into the thread.. instead use https://pastebin.com), it will probably be much quicker and easier for me to help you directly through Steam chat. At the top of the plugin download page I've provided instructions for how to contact me on Steam. Shoot me a friend request and as soon as I see it, I will respond, and hopefully we can get your problem sorted out in a jiffy. Plugin Download Page:
  14. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. I'll have to think about this a bit more before I make a decision either way. Concerning your idea about having a GUI to make changes to the config.xml in a more user-friendly manner, it is something I've already thought about. It actually wouldn't be too difficult to implement. The only thing that makes it a bit tricky is implementing a GUI/Window from a class library (DLL)... It isn't something that is done too often mostly because it doesn't make a lot of sense for most things, but it is most certainly possible to do... Should just a be a matter of referencing the correct .NET libraries and adding a bit of initialization code. I could technically probably even get LaunchBox/BigBox to spawn the window for me, but I'd have to do a bit of testing to see how feasible that is... The only real advantage I could see in doing it that way is that LB's controller input might work in my custom window that way without me having to duplicate all of that code myself (which I am definitely not going to do right now). I'll have to do some testing... I'll definitely let y'all know what I find out.
  15. Wow, great job @JedExodus! Your persistence and dedication to solving the problem is probably going to be helpful to a lot of people. I'm thinking on the next plugin update that perhaps I should add a new entry/variable type to the "config.xml" file to help prevent people from running into this problem in the future. The entry would silently inject additional launch parameters into the existing parameters, and I could add these Mame parameters to the default SteamLauncher config.xml. The config.xml entry might look something like this: <InjectParameters> <Inject EmulatorName="Mame" Parameters="-joystickprovider xinput -keyboardprovider win32" Position="end" /> <Inject GameName="Doom" PlatformName="Windows" Parameters="+r_renderAPI 1" Position="start" /> </InjectParameters> I don't know... Perhaps it isn't even worth the effort since there probably won't be many cases such as this (that require modification of launch parameters to work when launching through Steam). What do y'all think? Note: I modified the plugin download page to provide information concerning the MAME compatibility problem and fix. Obviously, I gave proper credit to both @cammelspit and @JedExodus for their efforts in tracking down a fix for this problem (as well as credit to @JedExodus for ultimately resolving the issue).
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