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  1. Guess i found the solution of not loading F18 Interceptor in launchbox. yesterday i ran into the same problems with lemmings. I had a custom config of lemmings working in launchbox before but decided to replace it with the stock version. I deleted the custom config version from the launchbox GUI and imported the stock one and it didn‘t work. It only started the fsuae launcher window but nothing else. I deleted the not working version .thought i did something wrong and started the import procedure again with no luck. but then i had a look into the launchbox games Amiga folder and found several lemmings files left even if launchbox told me before that it will delete everything if i delete the game. so i found a couple of files with the same number like aa888xxxxxxxx and a 1 up to 3 at the end of the filename (guess everytime i tried to install the game it adds the number at the end because the former file wasn‘t deleted) and i also found a file called lemmings (that must have been the custom config one. After deleting all files i imported the game again in launchbox and now it works.
  2. Ok, seems a problem on my end here. Its the adf file version that works fine in fs-uae. The whdload fine gives me an error message. And its the whd version that will be exported every time. Need to delete the whd version so i can import the adf one into launchbox. If it’s still wont work i will report later.
  3. I‘m not talking about a specific game but genres in general. And i still realy like to play any side scroller Mario type game. Horizontal/vertical shooters like 1942 are also very playable games today. Beat em ups games are still fine even it’s not my prevered genre. Tactic games like Dune II or Syndicate is where it starts to vary. But 3D games like Doom aged horrible with the lores textures. Man we where so hyped at the early 90s about this new kind of games but today they look so poor compared to other game genres. might be only me but i can’t even stand watching them on YouTube. i find it sad because they don’t deserve it. would be interesting to hear what you think of genres that aged well or not.
  4. I followed the tutorial and every game runs fine from launchbox except F18/Interceptor. if i start the game from fs-uae it works ok but when i try to run it from launchbox the fs uae GUI window pop up instead of the game. No error message nothing.
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