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  1. @Jason Carr Gotcha. I know that we can call for the DOSBOX to be full screen from the starting of DOSBOX using "dosbox.conf" file with the line of code "fullscreen=true". Is there no way to call this within the MS-DOS app while it is running? Thanks
  2. Amazing! Great job Jason. I was wondering if there was an option to turn on full screen within the client? I know this can be done through DOSBOX, but it would be nice to have an option within the client window to do this.
  3. freerunner

    Master List?

    Is there a Master List to every Gaming Console with a list of every game made for each console, and separated by region? Trying to put an ultimate Launch Box build together and trying to find a list to use as a reference where I can scratch off what I currently have and then find what I do not have yet, or what I might be missing. There seems to be lots of different dumps of ROMs that are missing games or region specific games. I have tried looking through Wikipedia, but that is a nightmare to try and find everything. I was hoping maybe someone already had a Master List made with everything consolidated together. I am not asking for links to ROMs or games, just a list of all gaming consoles and corresponding game names within an Excel Sheet or something similar. Thanks for your help!
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