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  1. what a relief! thank you for the assistance ❤️ with your help it's already sorted.
  2. I've spent weeks and months building a huge elaborate and custom scripted install but that was a 2 years ago and a lifetime away, I have not the time in my life for that sort of thing now (or probly ever again, life changes, sucks for me I know) so how do I easily restore all that I've lost? I'm sry for the noob question but unless someone feels like helping I'm not getting thru this....
  3. Hi Jason, last few updates I keep running into this too, except my problem is I only use Launchbox once in a great while.... I have to relearn what I do to fix this each time I update. Now I can't remember again (haha nice, eh?) and I'm too tired to continue trying... why does my theme keep resetting itself to this on each update? I've not imported any images to cause this behavior, so I'm left without any images to simply remove,
  4. At first, I thought I was going insane! It IS changing and now I found this. I'll add a big +1 and there's someone I know here that is almost as OCD as I am LOL so maybe it's a +2 Thank you Jason, you've managed to consume all my free time ?
  5. I realize this has been requested a few times, and that in a poll a couple months ago it was not (unfortunately) a popular feature request. Maybe there's a workaround or someone has a method other than doing one game at a time... So, I'm setting up Pinball FX3 and I have multiple monitors. I did a simple script in AHK and compiled it so I could add it to the games Additional Apps section and then when I load that Pinball game it would get sent to the monitor I need it on. It all works great except now I need to do about 100 more games since a bulk feature doesn't exist I'm trying to come up with a clever idea to get what I want lol I thought about manually editing my platforms xml file, but the Additional App uses an ID that is apparently unique for each game.... shooting down my idea. sadly.
  6. Just tried this out on my Win10x64 home pc (Launchbox just had another update today too (9.7)). Anyhow after unblocking the dll and trying to load LB two things happened, first, LB started loading, the load indicator had only just started and then LB crashed. 2nd I tried loading it again but the load indicator got to the same place and then my entire pc locked up and I was forced to reset. Didn't find any log or anything, not sure if they are even created for crashes as I haven't encountered one until now. I'm a little reluctant to try again (lol)
  7. haha ? it's all good. AHK is quite awesome! I use it (and AutoIt (sans their rotten community)) for all kinds of things... for LaunchBox to use it as well makes me very happy ?
  8. Got it! I just compiled the script and added it to Additional Apps for RDP, set it to Run Before and it works! Since it's a regular window there was nothing to run after, the window just closes and that's that ? Thanks for pointing me in the proper direction ?
  9. Hey Joe, thanks for the reply. The OSD PER-WINDOW was the first thing I tried, I change the settings here for other multi-monitor games in Mame (like Punch-Out), and it works great. The problem with RDP is that it doesn't have different screens (or windows) like other multi-monitor games, it actually puts all three game monitor displays into one window, unlike everything else I've encountered so far. It starts up like this and then I use my script to stretch it across all three monitors.... I probly wouldn't have this issue if I ran my displays in surround, but I have to use extended desktops on account of my daw.
  10. I can see from another thread that this isn't in LaunchBox (yet anyhow, the thread from 2017)... but I'm not doing a controller, but just one game (Race Drivin' Panorama) so that once launched my ahk script will wait for the Mame window and then stretch it across my three gaming monitors via WinMove. Besides dreaming up a more complex script, any ideas? I actually worked it out and then I realized my emulator setting was universal lol
  11. I think I got it! thanks everyone for the replies, I did try the official exe before posting, but when you said that, I thought I should go back and make sure I didn't miss some other files... and I was missing a couple other folders entirely too many mame folders scattered about my emulation folder... I guess I got sloppy somewhere, or stayed up too long fixed on the wrong thing. k, off I go awaiting my next genius move
  12. Michelle911


    it's 5:15 am ? I've been at this all nite determined to get it, but I've failed... I'm using mame .174 and I'm trying to enable HLSL, but after taking the first steps of simply turning it on my games won't load, mame just exits before the game starts. I've got a good working 174 romset and everything is golden as far as roms being correct and auditing perfectly for my version, no issues playing games or anything else. I compiled my own Mame with no nags and installed the hi score saving. Even trying to use GLSL as an alternative allows me to load the game but there's no effect at all. Mame devs says PS3.0 is required but I can't find any info on it, all the popular search engines only direct me back to mame devs or gives me playstation links ? more searching reveals possibly I need DX9.0 installed on my win10 machine... did that but it didn't help, even more searching told me maybe I needed to turn on legacy Direct Play in win10, did that too but also didn't help. I have a new pc that's super fast and a gtx 1050 ti video card. Shaders are working in retroarch, but I'm just not getting anything from mame. did I mention I hate being a noob here?... I've played with mame for years but it always seems I find something to bang my head on lol thanks, hopefully not quite tldr here.
  13. this might help show what I'm trying to do since I didn't explain myself well enough ?
  14. already imported mame, is there another way to generate playlists without re-import? I'm wondering if I can assign the playlists to the platform filter... probly find this on my own thanks for the replies
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