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  1. Thank you! Well, I ended up removing wine-staging 6.1 and it ran somewhat better, but still super laggy. I was unable to even complete an import. It would hang when attempting to generate metadata. It would take almost 15-30 minutes to even get to that point. I attempted to bypass that by copying over my Data folder with the .xml files from Windows as I dual-boot and have Launchbox in a second hard drive which I have access to, then just change the folders and whatnot in the menu I had already copied over my retroarch which has all of the bezels from using the Bezel Project. Launchbox is
  2. Hi there. I installed Launchbox via the script. The initial script worked fine, but it was pretty laggy, especially in bringing up menus and it really hung when attempting to pull metadata. As a result, I tried to install wine-staging per your post. I am running LinuxMint 20.1 upgraded from 20, which had it's own version of Wine? It came with some extras. Once I installed wine-staging, I attempted to run Launchbox using the executable from its directory and it told me first that I needed mono, then gecko, then thinking it would be done, as I'm used to that from running apps thru Lutris,
  3. Thank you. I think I understand. So, I added a 2nd listing for Arcade under Tools/Manage Emulators/Retroarch. I selected flycast (I hadn't realized there was the new one). If I right click on a game (example: Dolphin Blue) and select Retroarch/flycast it works perfectly. It also works fine if I am in retroarch and select flycast, however, if I use the commandline as above, it just goes to the Dreamcast screen where it asks me to load file or disc. The same applies to the reicast core. Any idea why that would happen? Other games like Sushi Bar work directly from Launchbox. Maybe it's
  4. That's it! Thank you very much!. This has been so helpful. I have some games including non-mame where I want to use a different retroarch core and now knowing the syntax is VERY helpful.
  5. Hi. I do not know what I should put in the command line under emulation to make Retroarch use a specific version of Mame or even Reicast rather than the version I have set for all games. I tried -L "cores \ reicast_libretro.dll" under that game's emulation tab under *Use custom commandline parameters* as an example for an Atomiswave game. The game does work in Retroarch standalone if I select Reicast (I have necessary bios and so forth), so I just cannot figure out what to put to make Launchbox use it. I don't know much about the command line so am unsure what I should be entering.
  6. Thank you. I'm a little confused about how I should type out the syntax. Would I put snes9x_libretro in the custom command parameter or would I type edit Retroarch to be Retroarch -snex9x_libretro? Command line isn't my strong suit. I don't really know if I need quotes or the proper syntax. Please and thanks.
  7. I have all of my snes games set to run in retroarch with the bsnes-mercury core. That works great for 99% of games. I came across a game (or two, here and there) that don't want to run in mercury, but do run fine in snes9x. My example is a translated game "Ace Wo Nerae". It won't run in mercury, but does in snes9x. When I look at emulation for that game, I select retroarch, which normally would auto-select mercury because I have that set for snes games,but am wondering if there is a way to specify snes9x for that one game, perhaps with an added command following retroarch? Any assist
  8. I did find one recently submitted logo for adventure which I am now using, but not one for action. I just edited the action & adventure logo to be just action so that should do the trick. For whatever reason though, the playlists are still defaulting to no logo, or rather the plain one, but I believe I can override that by adding mine and renaming in each playlist. Thank you for your assistance.
  9. Hiya All, I have a question about the autoconfig child playlist feature. I see that it breaks down genres into Action and Adventure separately, yet themes and other artwork break it down into one category of Action & Adventure. Because of this, these two auto-configurated playlists don't have any artwork like logos, etc.., while all other genres do have it. Was it once action & adventure together and changed to separate them out? Is there a place to find artwork for the two categories rather than just the one? Should I be altering the auto-playlists to include both actio
  10. Thanks. Yes I wouldn't normally do it either, but I am adding CHD's to my rom collection and want Launchbox to pick them up. When I select scan for new when having Arcade selected it forces me to do it for all systems (including ScummVM).
  11. Thank you. Hmm...the problem I am having is when selecting Tools/Scan for added roms for all platforms it is pulling all of those extra files from the ScummVM games folders. Ideally I wouldn't normally scan ALL platforms but when I select Arcade it forces me to do so. It's pulling all of those extra ScummVM files and I don't seem to have an option to stop it. It starts the scan immediately. It hangs while looking at those folders but eventually brings up a list of a boatload of files. When I select all of those extras for deletion Launchbox crashes. I'm not sure what to do short
  12. I mentioned in another post that I have been having issues with ScummVM dragging down scanning of all games for added games. That is because the .epicfail files reside in the actual game folders which have tons of files. It does it so bad that if I try to remove all of those files once they are found it crashes Launchbox. I was wondering if there is a way that I can tell Launchbox to only look for/try to import the .epicfail files? Or, for that matter, with any given platform is it possible to have it only look for specified extensions? Thanks, in advance.
  13. I have MAME romset split 0.205. I added the folder to Launchbox and all went fine. Recently, when checking for removed games across the board, a bunch of arcade games came up as missing. I haven't touched the folder containing the games at all. I know that, if I clean and check videos that those disappear, but I wouldn't think games would. I checked the folder for one of the games, just checking randomly, and it indeed is not in there (Ray Crisis) or raycris by name. Were these imported, then deleted or were they imported when they should not have been? Another is Super Puzzle Bobble.
  14. I was fiddling around in some settings (I should not do that :)) and I turned on something that is showing the platform fanart each time I click on a game in Launchbox. I have the fanart set up so I can see it in Big Box, but I do not want every game in Launchbox changing its background to be that of the platform fanart. I just want a static background there. I've been going through all of the settings both in Launchbox and in Big Box and I'll be darned if I can find the one to turn this off. Please and thank you for assistance.
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