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  1. I'm running Windows 10. I ran the .NET repair tool and went into Device Manager and updated some of my drivers. After rebooting everything seems to be doing alright. BigBox is launching within 15 seconds max and although LaunchBox still slows down when I enter settings, it's only for a minute. Hopefully it stays this way, thank you so much for the help!
  2. I do have the latest driver for my GPU and I do have GeForce Experience installed but it isn't running. I don't have MSI Afterburner or Rivo Tuner either. Even after closing all Nvidia software just to be sure I still have the same issue.
  3. I do have images for all games and videos for all platforms but on my test installation I only have 2 games imported and I'm still getting the same issue. On my main installation I have a ~13.3GB of images.
  4. (Forgive any formatting issues, it's my first time posting here.) Hi there, recently I have been having some weird and frustrating issues with both LaunchBox and BigBox. Launchbox itself works perfectly, however it immediately freezes whenever I try to go to options. BigBox, however, I can hardly get to launch. I see the splash screen and it just sits there. Any clicks on it and it will show up as not responding, in the task manager it starts at ~27% then almost immediately drops to 0% CPU while the whole time still using almost 1GB RAM. If I just leave it alone it takes roughly 10 minutes to finally launch. I have my installation on my SSD, to try and troubleshoot I installed it on my 1TB HDD and only imported 2 games, still the same thing. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue before? What I'm running: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7-9700K 16GB DDR4 RAM GeForce GTX 1080 FTW 512GB NVME (Windows) 256GB SSD (LaunchBox) 1TB HDD (Misc) 4,500+ games Running just the stock theme
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