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  1. The exit while locked is not checked but when I hit exit on the main page it quits big box, doesn't seem to matter which theme I use. I don't want my drunk friends exiting to desktop, what am I missing? In the meantime, I have changed my exit button to a back button as it serves the purpose I want for now.
  2. I've done this on mame .201 and I still get nag screens, anyone else get this?
  3. worked for mine.... I checked that no hidden games but forgot I had marked some games broken so I could remember to get them running... thanks for the help
  4. very interested in this as well, I have games that show in launchbox but not big box, and was just digging for an answer as well. And no they are not marked as hidden. Area 51 is the game currently annoying me by not showing in big box.
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