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  1. I just installed Launchbox and added some atari 5200 and 7800 roms. I let launchbox install retroarch automatically. Everything went well and seemed successful. But when I go to start the games, all I get is the video of the game and nothing else. Is this normal? Am I missing something? Regards, Rick
  2. I finally figured it out, I checked the emulator paths for the games that it was happening to, but not all of the paths in Launchbox. I found a couple of emulator paths pointing to Steam and corrected them. I'm not sure why it was launching those games, but the issues is resolved. Thank you for all your assistance in this matter. Great community of users.
  3. I checked and that's not it, it is starting in Big Box and Launch Box. I mean all of my games on all emulators. What is going on? Can this be fixed without having to reset everything?
  4. Good Morning, I know that the plugin isn't working in Big Box, however since I've had the plugin installed, whenever I try to launch a game from Big Box, no matter what emulator I use It will automatically try to start in Steam, then fail. I've tried to fix this by removing the plug-in from my installation but that didn't work, it still tries to start in Steam. Has anyone else ever run across this? What is the fix? If the fix has been posted and I missed, I do apologize.
  5. Good Morning, I figured out what caused it. I did a restore to my main drive (C) due to an issue with the OS. My Launchbox installation is on my F drive which is a 12TB external drive. However the backup had a launchbox installation on it and when I re-booted, everything pointed to the C and not the F drive from my backed up desktop shortcuts. The C drive installation didn't have PopCap and OpenBor listed. I installed them at a later date. The issue has been resolved. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Here is a picture of that folder. As you can see both platforms are there however they are not showing up in my list anymore.
  7. Hello, Every since the latest update to Launchbox all of my Popcap and OpenBor games have vanished. I know I can re-add them again but I'd like to find out why this has happened. Nothing on my pc has changed so I'm not sure what caused it. Thanks for your help.
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