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  1. Lou Silver, Question are we allow talk about libraries ? or it same as rom it forbidden mentions it? Thanks I know I probably walking on fine line, Thanks
  2. I got your Fruit Machine pack ! Now This VPX pinball tables, You probably know around LaunchBox how to set it up. Is there more SURPRISE? Thank You for sharing the pack, Does it have instruction how LaunchBox directories works? Thanks Again??
  3. Thank you very much it about time make boring folder to new icon folders???
  4. Amazing I wonder if you can make one “RetroGamer75“ neon for my marquee and Send inbox on here Thank you btw I am NOT good with art and stuff like that.???✌?
  5. Haggie55 Thank you for sharing your collection, how about DL Collection that I have? 2580 layouts which turn out 16.5 gb or leave it alone and use your set? Thanks again
  6. Hello I’m New to LaunchBox I got situation, I swear I hand download those file, but according to my iPad 56 items vs website say 76 items this is not first time I have downloaded other user 16:9 and 4:3. By the way Great Job on Colorful 4K Video Thank you for making this project.
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