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  1. I brought this up to the dev he said he tested it and it works fine lol i just gave up after that
  2. Any updates to this thread dosen't work in 2019 on minipac with multimode firmware
  3. But isn't that the point of redirecting launchbox to the new folder to change the paths? Whata the point of mass editing if i have to edit each game?
  4. Its says roms dont exist when they are clearly in the folder i directed launch box to.
  5. Here is another option from rec room masters looks pretty cool https://www.recroommasters.com/Articles.asp?ID=271
  6. Just uninstall it and download the latest version then start it up with no core loaded select input 1 and configure and save configuration.
  7. I had to set retroarch global settings user 1 and 2 before it would work correctly. Launch retroarch settings and input
  8. What about background music it only play 1 or 2 songs over and over it dosen't randomize anything
  9. i was under the impression by reading the instructions that i only had to do that if it didnt download it when you push configure? ill look at it closer i gues i did download a bunch of configs so ill give it a try.
  10. Dosen't work for me at all games run the same with it on or off.
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