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  1. Gun4ir seems much better than sinden
  2. @jasoncarr told me when i complained about it he found no problem. So i joined everyone else with the same problem and just stopped using my own music.
  3. what plugin do you use for video marquee?
  4. Big box need to get on board with this or be left behind its one of the features lots are looking for and a huge selling point also add 3rd monitor support.
  5. This needs to be added along with 3rd monitor support @Jason Carr
  6. The guy who does pixelcade on YouTube has it working sadly you need his hardware to make it work.
  7. Yeah i can't make heads or tails out of that thing very difficult to use and extremely laggy
  8. Drag the windows game shortcut into launchbox
  9. ok so I figured it all out seems the roms have different versions some are full screen some are not but the roms that are not full screen its an easy fix in the scrips folder there are .lua files with the name of the games if you create or edit a folder and paste this inside your game will fullscreen also in the in the model 2 emulator config settings set wide screen window to 2 require("model2"); -- Import model2 machine globals function Init() end function Frame() Model2_SetWideScreen(1) Model2_SetStretchALow(1) Model2_SetSt
  10. this happened to me its your controller unplug it
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