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  1. For about 30 bucks you can set up the wii bar and gun on mame pretty easily i have it working real well
  2. How do you select all roms i can only do one at a time
  3. Anyone know where to get sega dreamcast bezels?
  4. I found that in the path it bugs and says something like file//////c/launchbox/games so you either have to delete everything and re import or go in to each game and remove the ///// before the c and it works
  5. How do you configure the software to show marquee when you switch games what file in launch box do you put marquee images?
  6. ive switched over to big box and have everything working perfectly so easy to use and configure im done with the pie bs that thing is a horror show.
  7. I don't know it dose not work for me joysticks don't work at all with your config file loaded in to the controller ive given up.
  8. Im really new at this i was able to flash the controller to 1.39 and it now shows up as 2 controllers in using retropie emulation station but i cant figure out how to install the config files it says board FW version 1.39 keyboard only firmware board attached minipac and an apply button. when i hit the file button and push open and select the file it says file successfully loaded is that it?
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