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  1. ok so I figured it all out seems the roms have different versions some are full screen some are not but the roms that are not full screen its an easy fix in the scrips folder there are .lua files with the name of the games if you create or edit a folder and paste this inside your game will fullscreen also in the in the model 2 emulator config settings set wide screen window to 2 require("model2"); -- Import model2 machine globals function Init() end function Frame() Model2_SetWideScreen(1) Model2_SetStretchALow(1) Model2_SetStretchAHigh(1) Model2_SetStretchBLow(1) Model2_SetStretchBHigh(1) end
  2. this happened to me its your controller unplug it
  3. Any help so if i run the emulator by its self it goes in to full screen no problem and from launchbox it goes full screen no problem. If i launch big box and launch a game its 4:3 native not full screen i have changed the ini files to my res and put emulator to change to full screen automatic still only in big box it does not work any help please Thank you.
  4. no launchbox is broken as hell cant add and roms to mame when i click browse LB gives an error wtf!!
  5. Darkseid001


    Same file as roms
  6. Could you post your script im having same issues thanks
  7. Ok so anyone having issues with big box crashing because of images how i fixed it was to clen up images and refresh all images and now its working perfectly not crashing anymore
  8. Can someone please point me in the right direction first i thoght itbwas NBA jam but it seems like whatever game is in the slot on n crashes big box did a fresh windows install same thing is happening have my build on a usb hard drive so problem isnwith big box
  9. AS title says anytime i go near this game in bigbox it crashes the frontend game launches and plays perfectly in launchbox says images are unrecognized also greys out in launchbox I also tried downloading media again still no fix any help?
  10. Depends on the firmware you have installed multi mode firmware comes up as 2 keyboards or 2 din or 2 xinput depending on how you set it up x input default uses dpad or you can create a custom profile and load that when you play the game
  11. Well back and forth with andy he said he has a new firmware that corrects the issues so i load the new firmware and try again nope same exact shit it just will not auto switch when you load an all game pad file as advertised i even asked him exactly how to write the code and he will not give a clear answer so i just don't know im going to keep trying looking for answers but im not confident.
  12. Was trying to load custom xinput for teknoparrot because the default xinput is set to d pad i made a custom using the thumb stick
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