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    Same file as roms
  2. Ok so anyone having issues with big box crashing because of images how i fixed it was to clen up images and refresh all images and now its working perfectly not crashing anymore
  3. Can someone please point me in the right direction first i thoght itbwas NBA jam but it seems like whatever game is in the slot on n crashes big box did a fresh windows install same thing is happening have my build on a usb hard drive so problem isnwith big box
  4. AS title says anytime i go near this game in bigbox it crashes the frontend game launches and plays perfectly in launchbox says images are unrecognized also greys out in launchbox I also tried downloading media again still no fix any help?
  5. Depends on the firmware you have installed multi mode firmware comes up as 2 keyboards or 2 din or 2 xinput depending on how you set it up x input default uses dpad or you can create a custom profile and load that when you play the game
  6. Well back and forth with andy he said he has a new firmware that corrects the issues so i load the new firmware and try again nope same exact shit it just will not auto switch when you load an all game pad file as advertised i even asked him exactly how to write the code and he will not give a clear answer so i just don't know im going to keep trying looking for answers but im not confident.
  7. Was trying to load custom xinput for teknoparrot because the default xinput is set to d pad i made a custom using the thumb stick
  8. and here is the email Andy Warne <andy@ultimarc.com> Fri 11/29/2019 9:20 AM Instructions attached, I am in the process of updating the website. From: To: Andy Warne Subject: RE: Minipac beta Ok great thanks for the help do you guys have these directions written anywhere i can't seem to find anything clear anywhere. Also the ipc file needs to have a home key to switch automatically is that correct? Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Andy Warne <andy@ultimarc.com> Date: 11/29/19 10:07 AM (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: RE: Minipac beta Yes, but if you load in command line mode this is not necessary. From: Sent: 29 November 2019 14:47 To: Andy Warne Subject: RE: Minipac beta So having to force board reconfiguration is normal after loading the ipc file? Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Andy Warne <andy@ultimarc.com> Date: 11/29/19 9:38 AM (GMT-05:00) Subject: RE: Minipac beta The board should switch automatically to mode 5 if you load an IPC file which has all gamepad controls including a home key. You can either switch using the method you mention or “silently” using a command line winipac.exe <name of IPC file> Andy From: Sent: 29 November 2019 14:21 To: Andy Warne Subject: RE: Minipac beta Hey Andy ok so what i have to do to make it work is load the ipc file force board reconfiguration then switch to mode 5 the ipc file will not stick unless i force board reconfiguration is this operating correctly? Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Andy Warne <andy@ultimarc.com> Date: 11/28/19 12:42 PM (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: RE: Minipac beta There are over 500 users of this version and its now a production version. The correct way to use the custom modes 4 and 5 is to create IPC files for each mode. So you would have one for keyboard (simply save the defaults to a file) and one for mode 4 and another for mode 5. Then WinIPAC can be run (invisibly if you wish) and the board will load the specified config and switch to that mode. Note mode switching can take up to a minute to complete as the host has to detect the new USB device which has appeared. Andy From: Sent: 28 November 2019 17:30 To: Andy Warne Subject: RE: Minipac beta Hey thanks for the file but it really dosen't work well probably shouldn't be called beta. It switches to different modes inconsistently and when i made a custom xbox and switch to the mode 5 it works great but when i switch back to mode 1 keyboard it keeps the xbox settings and then randomly selects icons on my desktop and makes my mouse act all weird so its an un installment for me Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Andy Warne <andy@ultimarc.com> Date: 11/27/19 12:04 PM (GMT-05:00) To: ' Subject: RE: Minipac beta Yes I sent the Mini-PAC version. From: Sent: 27 November 2019 16:40 To: Andy Warne Subject: Re: Minipac beta Hey andy did you send me the file for minipac? Thats what i have thanks Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Andy Warne <andy@ultimarc.com> Date: 11/27/19 4:10 AM (GMT-05:00) To: ' Subject: RE: Minipac beta I have attached this version, and the instruction sheet. Regards Andy From: Sent: 27 November 2019 04:36 To: andy@ultimarc.com Subject: Minipac beta Hi any could I get the minipac beta mode switching with input thank you Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  9. here is what andy sent me nothing is clear I- PAC Firmware version 50 Enhanced ModesFeatures:•Traditional I-PAC keyboard mode unaffected. This is still the default.•Device mode can also be switched to Dual Directinput Game Controller or Dual Xinput Game Controller.•These modes appear as entirely different USB devices so there is no mixed-device confusion which causes issues in Retropie.•Selected mode is maintained after power off/on.•Standard Dinput and Xinput Game Controller modes are preset for ease of use without any configuration.•For advanced users who wish to create custom Game Controller configurations there are customisable game controller modes.•Modes can be switched by pressing Start1 (or user-set alternate I-PAC shift) and holding this, and Player 1 button 1 through 5, for 10 seconds.These modes apply to Player 1 and 2 controls.I-PAC ConnectionMode 2DinputMode 3XinputMode SwitchingHold Start1 and thisButton for 10 seconds with no other key activity.LeftDpad LeftDpad LeftRightDpadRightDpad RightUpDpad UpDpad UpDownDpad DownDpad DownSW 1Button 1AMode 1 (KeyboardUser Set)SW 2Button 2BMode 2 (Dinput Preset)SW 3Button 3XMode 3 (Xinput Preset)SW 4Button 4YMode 4 (Dinput User Set)SW 5Button 5Left RearMode 5 (Xinput User Set)SW 6Button 6Right RearSW 7Z LeftLeft TrigSW 8Z RightRight TrigCOINButton 7BACKSTARTButton 8STARTAHOMEBButton 7BACKSTART plus P1 RIGHTHOMESTART plus P1 LEFTBACK Customising the board:WinIPAC can only be used for customizing when in Mode 1 but changes made will also apply when switched to modes 4 and 5.Chosen mode is maintained after power off/on. Using WinIPAC, any input can be configured to any control including keys, power/volume, gamepad (Xinput or Dinput) across both players.When this is done, keys configured as keyboard keys will respond in Mode 1, Keys configured as gamepad keys respond in modes 4 and 5.Note this feature allows the entire 2-player panel to be configured as a one-player game controller if required, implementing every possible control. Using WinIPAC, any key can be configured as mouse left or right button, Sleep, Wake, Vol Up, Vol Down. These will function in modes 1 and 4.On Board LED:When powered on, the LED will stay lit once the board has passed self-test and detected by the host system. When switching modes, the LED will flash off, the number of times according to the mode number selected, after the 10 second period.Automatic Mode Switching:This is intended for use when WinIPAC is used for downloading configurations on the fly.Mode will switch automatically under the following conditions:•If a keyboard-only configuration is downloaded and the board is currently in gamepad custom mode 4 it will switch to keyboard mode 1.•If a gamepad-only configuration is downloaded and the board is currently in keyboard mode 1, it will switch to gamepad custom mode 4.•If a gamepad-only configuration which includes an Xbox Home key is downloaded and the board is currently in keyboard mode 1, it will switch to gamepad custom mode 5.•If Winipac is started when the board is in Xinput mode it will switch automatically to keyboard mode. Note WinIPAC will self-close after switching. Xinput Mode Notes:Owing to the limitations imposed by the Xinput protocol, the following are not supported in Xinput modes but are supported in keyboard and Directinput modes:Mouse buttonsVolume up and down buttonsPower, sleep, wake buttonsLED control (I-PAC Ultimate I/O only)WinIPAC for configurationNo trackball/spinner supportAdditional Info:Note that a mode switch is essentially the same as unplugging a USB device and plugging in a different one, into the same port. It will take the host PC up to 30 seconds to notice this and initialize the new device.The mode switching can be confirmed by observing the on-board LED or “Devices and Printers” , the USB connect sound or other indication on the host.“Backdoor” Reset The board can be rest back into keyboard Mode 0 by pressing and holding the Start1 button on power up. This will work irrespective of the current board mode or input configuration. Note it must be a hard power-up or plug-in of the USB cab
  10. I believe i was its been a few months since i tried messing with it. It kept crashing my computer insane crazy things would start to happen when it would try to load back to default mame settings i would loose control of the computer and it would be stuck in a loop
  11. Yeah scripts dont work also its supposed to switch automatically to custom xinput when a script is loaded that contains a home key and all gamepad inputs and that does not work either
  12. I wrote andy about this he seems to have no clear answer i haven't seen anyone get this to work
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