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  1. Yeah go into the theme folder look at the xml file for the platform marquee the file path should point to banner images compare it to default and copy it and paste it to critical zone and save
  2. Ok I figured it out for some reason after the update it changed the image path in the xml file thanks for the hints it definitely helped me look in the right place
  3. I'm using a modified version of the critical zone only thing modified is strech marquee for game and platform and im using banner for platform marquee but nothing shows up
  4. my dynamic marquee is not showing platform images since update to 12.1 i used to use banner images and it would show platform images on my marquee. Game marquee images still work just not platform. any idea what to do? new folder? i cant figure it out.
  5. Gun4ir seems much better than sinden
  6. @jasoncarr told me when i complained about it he found no problem. So i joined everyone else with the same problem and just stopped using my own music.
  7. what plugin do you use for video marquee?
  8. Big box need to get on board with this or be left behind its one of the features lots are looking for and a huge selling point also add 3rd monitor support.
  9. This needs to be added along with 3rd monitor support @Jason Carr
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