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  1. Alright cool. If you don't mind me tacking on another question. Does loading games that way alleviate the fact that I'd need to switch "discs"? I'd imagine I'd still have to do some sort of switching when the game prompts me to do so.
  2. Checked out Beetle, and yeah. I can definitely see why you steered me away from REARMED. Thanks!
  3. So I got a few games for PS1(and Dreamcast) that are multi-disc. Like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid. I hear that these games can be loaded with a .m3u file From what I can gather, that file is basically a notepad document with the listed .cue files. for the game. So would it just be listed as follows and then I import that as the .cue file for the game? Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1).cue Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2).cue Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3).cue Or am I missing some key elements here?
  4. Hiya. First off, LaunchBox rules, and I love every bit of it. However, I'm trying to use a RetroArch core(PCSX ReArmed) For my Playstation games. They launch fine if I open RetroArch, and open a game file through the program, but if I try to launch the game through LaunchBox or Big Box itself, I will get a loading icon, but the game never launches. Is there an option or something I am missing, or any tips/tricks?
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